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How to Stop Goats from Jumping in Minecraft

Goats were added to Minecraft in update 1.17. They debuted alongside glowsquids and axolotls, but goats quickly became a fan-favorite crowd. Their behavior made them interesting compared to other monsters. Their drops were also unique. Goats cannot be tamed, but have become quite popular pets in the world of Minecraft.

Goats are not found frequently as they do not spawn in many biomes, which is why many players may not know what to do if they come across a goat. They have the ability to jump very high which can cause problems.

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However, there are ways to prevent goats from jumping. Here’s how to do that and more about goats in Minecraft version 1.19.

Minecraft 1.19: What to do to make a goat stay on the ground?

When players want to keep a goat as a pet, they’ll likely do what they do with other untamable pets: put them in a fenced area or on a leash. The latter works well and will prevent them from escaping.

However, goats can jump up to 10 blocks in the air and five blocks forward. So building a fence around them will do absolutely nothing to stop them from jumping out and running away.

In the end, there is an easy way to prevent this from happening: lay honey blocks. Honey blocks prevent goats from jumping, and therefore the surrounding fence is now much more useful.

Honey blocks are crafted with four bottles of honey, obtained by using a glass bottle on a beehive.

Honey blocks prevent jumping (Image via Mojang)
Honey blocks prevent jumping (Image via Mojang)

To ensure that the goat does not jump out, all blocks inside the pen, including those on which the fence posts rest, should be honeycombed. It would be frustrating if the goats could stand on one of the fence blocks and jump because there was dirt right under their feet.

Honey blocks are the only way to stop the goats from jumping, but there are ways to stop them from escaping. As mentioned, a lead will do wonders.

However, there are other ways. Goats can’t jump through blocks, so surrounding them with blocks would keep them locked in. It could be made with glass blocks or iron bars and would look like an enclosure at the zoo.

It’s best to make it as wide as possible and as high as possible, especially since goats can jump 10 blocks high.

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According to the Minecraft Wiki, goats only spawn in certain mountain biomes. This is how they appear:

“Groups of two to three goats spawn above opaque blocks on mountain biomes, such as snowy slopes, jagged peaks, and frozen peaks on the surface at light level 7 or higher. Goats breed individually and more rarely after the world generation. 5% of all goats lay as babies.”

It’s often far from spawn for Minecraft players, so it’s best to carry a lead if there’s a chance of a goat being found along the way, otherwise it will be near impossible to carry them.

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