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How to start the new Hildibrand and Omega quests

always patch day means a slew of new content to dig into Final Fantasy XIV, and despite being a smaller patch, patch 6.15 adds a surprising amount of story content. Chief among the additions is the long-awaited return of Hildibrand Manderville, the self-proclaimed “Gentleman of Light.” However, most of the content added in the new patch has some prerequisites that you will need to complete first in Endwalker. Here is an overview of everything in FFXIV Patch 6.15 and how to start the new content.

Somehow More Hildibrand Adventures

After jumping the Shadowbringers expansion, Hildibrand is finally returning to Endwalker. However, if you want to find the inspector, you must first complete the main scenario of Endwalkeras well as all of Hildibrand’s previous quests from toward the sky and Stormblood. The FFXIV wiki has a list of all previous quests if you need it. You will also need to have a character at level 90.

If you’ve done all of this, head to Radz-at-Han and talk to the “Excitable Youth” (X:11.8 Y:11.2). At the moment, there are only two Hildibrand quests, but as with his previous questlines, more will be added in later patches.

Omega: Beyond the Rift

Everyone’s favorite Chocobo is making a comeback.Square-Enix

Another returning storyline in patch 6.15 is Omega, bringing back the adorable Chocobo Alpha and continuing the narrative setup with raids in Stormblood. Of course, that means you’ll need to have completed the Omega Raids up to the “A Dream in Flight” quest, as well as the main storyline of Endwalker.

Once you’ve completed these quests, and if you’re level 90, head to Old Sharlayan and talk to the “Spectacled Technician” at (X:10.9 Y:14.3). Again, you can expect this questline to continue in other patches.

Tataru’s Great Effort

Tataru has its own story.Square-Enix

The backbone of the Scions finally gets its chance to shine in its own questline. The only requirement to start this quest is to complete the main scenario of Endwalker up to “Newfound Adventure”, which means throughout the quests added in patch 6.1. Once done, head to Old Sharlayan and talk to “Mehdjina” at (X:11.8 Y:9.8) to start Tataru’s Grand Endeavor.

Personalized deliveries for Ameliance

Once here the satisfaction raised, you can dress Ameliance with glamors.Square-Enix

Artisans and Gatherers also have some nice new content, which even allows them to dress up Améliance Leveilleur. Before you can start making Custom Deliveries, you need to complete the main storyline of Endwalkerand the level 60 crafting quest “Go West, Craftsman”, which can be found in Mor Dhona at (X:22.3 Y:6.8). Also make sure you have an Artisan or Gatherer at level 80.

To begin Custom Delivery, head to Old Sharlayan and speak to “Well-Dressed Attendant” at (X:12.6 Y:9.7). Completing deliveries for Upgrading will award gil, experience, and scripts, but may also unlock additional quests. You can make up to 12 Custom Deliveries each week, and once you’ve reached Améliance’s maximum satisfaction level, you’ll be able to glamorize her.

Arkasodara Tribal Quests

Up to five Arkasodara quests can be completed each day.Square-Enix

Endwalker finally gets its own tribal quests, complete with the usual storyline and the dailies that entails. As with previous tribal quests, there are a few prerequisites, and in this case you will need to have completed two different sets of side quests. The first set of quests begins with “Steppe Child” which can be undertaken at level 80 and is found in Thavnair (X: 25.6, Y: 36.1). There are four quests in this line, so be sure to follow the objectives until you complete “The Yedlihmad Hunt”.

Now the second set of quests you need to complete starts with “What’s in a Kin” in Thavnair (X: 29.2, Y: 15.3). However, you won’t be able to start this quest until you complete level 85 MSQ “Under His Wing”. Again, this line has four quests, so be sure to follow it through to the end of “Societal Alchemy”.

Now, once you’ve finally done all that and finished the Endwalker MSQ, you can finally start the tribal questline by undertaking “Hippos Born to Run” in Thavnair (X: 25.3 Y: 31.2). Once the daily quests are unlocked, you can complete five of them each day, and they will reward Arkasodara Pana which can be used at the local vendor.

Task Updates and Other Changes in Version 6.15

Ninjas and Dark Mages are the only jobs with changes this time around.Square-Enix

You can see the full 6.15 patch notes at FFXIV official site, but there are a handful of small changes that we will highlight here. Here are the working changes in the patch.

Ninja Job Changes

  • Shukuchi – Hidden effect will now complete even when using Sprint.
  • Meisui – Base healing power reduced from 10000 to 8000.

Dark Mage Job Changes

  • Paradox – This action no longer has charges.
  • Nightwing – The half-sleep effect no longer reduces the target’s movement speed.
  • Soul Resonance – Apocatastasis effect damage reduction changed from 20% to 10%.

Besides that, here are some of the other small changes and additions in the patch.

  • New Hippo mount
  • Arkasodara’s New Servant
  • New teeming waters and fish
  • New Triple Triad cards and opponents
  • Bug fixes for Crystalline Conflict
  • All Moonward equipment can be sold, de-synthesized or handed over to expert deliveries
  • New items added to Calamity Scavenger inventory
  • New Housing Furnishings
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