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How to Start the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Expansion


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has a slew of new content, but how exactly do you start it?

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a massive expansion, introducing tough new monsters to hunt, Master Rank gear to craft, and lush locations to explore. There’s plenty on offer to keep even the most dedicated hunter busy for hours. But how do you access this new content? Let’s see exactly how to start monster hunter rise: sunbreak expansion.

How to Start the Sunbreak Expansion in Monster Hunter Rise

First, actually starting Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak requires you to have completed the vast majority of the base game. This is because Sunbreak’s content is set to the new Master Rank, meaning it’s significantly harder than the base game.

While this may be unfortunate for Switch gamers looking to dive into the new PC version, with all its bells and whistles, or new gamers looking to get started, there’s currently no way around this. do.

Monster Hunter Rise’s core content will take an experienced player around 25 hours and a new player somewhere in the realm of 30+ hours. It helps that it’s a fantastic game in its own right (and you can read our review here), but just be aware that it might be a while before you get to the new content.

Image source: Capcom

So, to actually start Sunbreak, you need to have completed the main Quest Hub storyline, in addition to the Gathering Hub questline. At the end of the Gathering Hub questline, you will receive an urgent 7th star quest called “Serpent Goddess of Thunder”, in which you must successfully kill the ancient dragon Narwa, in a climactic encounter.

Once complete, you’ll see a cutscene showcasing new Sunbreak content and the narrative setup for your next adventure. Soon, you will be able to embark for the kingdom of Elgado, in order to solve a new mystery.

That’s all you need to know about how to start monster hunter rise: sunbreak expansion. If you played the base game before Sunbreak, check out our extensive Monster Hunter Rise guide wiki to help you on your way.

Featured image source: Capcom

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