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How to start the Delicious Last Course DLC – Cuphead Wiki Guide

The Delicious Last Course is the first and only DLC available in Cuphead. Before accessing it, you must have progressed through the original game. Follow our guide on how to start playing Cuphead’s DLC.

Below, you can check out the links on how to play this content, whether you’re playing Cuphead for the first time or not:


It should be mentioned that this content is not a standalone DLC. This means you have to buy the original game in order to access it.

How to start the Delicious Last Course DLC

To start this new content and experience the new boss fights, you must have completed a mausoleum in the original game. Mausoleums are gray buildings located in different parts of the islands.

If you have already completed one of these levels in your file, a new NPC will be waiting for you near the square. Talk to them and they will tell you about unknown lands. Accept the trip and they will take you there by boat. A short scene will play and you will meet the new characters from The Delicious Last Course, ready to begin your adventure.

This NPC will function as a fast travel location between the new land (Inkwell Isle IV) and the others you unlocked in the original game.


If you have never completed a mausoleum before, you will need to complete the special task. It’s best to do the former in Inkwell Isle I. This involves using your parry ability to defeat some red ghosts that will appear on the screen from time to time. To parry you need to jump and hit the jump button again at the exact moment you are about to hit a ghost. You can also parry multiple times before hitting the ground.

Your objective is to prevent enemies from hitting the ship in the middle of the screen. Parry them all and you’ll unlock a new power and the mysterious NPC.

How to start the Delicious Last Course DLC in a new file

If you’re starting a new file or it’s your first time playing Cuphead, you can get to the DLC fairly quickly, although we recommend trying to familiarize yourself with the original content first. You just need to complete the first Run & Gun levelForest Follies, located in the middle of the first path you have.

After that, you’ll unlock a bridge that connects to land on the right. Then you follow the path below and to the right and you will find the mausoleum.


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