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How to Raise Pink Sheep in Minecraft

There are 15 different colors (16 if the multicolored “jeb_” sheep count) of sheep in Minecraft, thanks to the 1.2 update. The update introduced the ability to dye sheep, which has been used a lot since then. Sheep appear primarily in white, black, and gray, though all other colors are possible.

Pink sheep are among the rarest creatures in the wild. According to the Minecraft Wiki, a sheep has a 0.164% chance of spawning pink. Pink sheep are even rarer than that. Any color of sheep can turn pink, but a naturally breeding pink sheep is incredibly rare.

Sheep are great for herding and for obtaining materials. If players have or want pink Minecraft sheep, here’s how they can raise them.

Craft and Raise Pink Sheep in Minecraft

The first step to raising any type of sheep is to collect two. Sheep naturally spawn on grass blocks where there are two spaces above them. They spawn most often in plains biomes.

Once players find two, there are several ways to transport them to wherever they want. Tracks can pull sheep and most mobs, so if players have two tracks, they can drag them wherever they need to go.

They can also be placed in boats or minecarts and moved around that way. However, the most common method is to attract them with wheat. Sheep will follow a player holding wheat, provided they don’t stray too far.

Sheep like wheat (Image via Mojang)
Sheep like wheat (Image via Mojang)

Appropriately, this Minecraft wheat is also used to spawn them. Breeding two sheep of the same color creates a lamb of the same hue. Breeding two sheep of compatible colors makes for a combination. For pink, it could be a red and white sheep.

If not compatible, the color will be chosen from a random parent. In order to ensure that the new lamb is pink, players can either use red and white dye on the sheep or pink dye on both.

They could also use a pink sheep with a sheep of any other color and hope for a pink lamb, but this is not recommended. This is how pink dye can be obtained.

Red Dye can be crafted with a Poppy, Rose, or Beetroot. The white dye comes from bone meal. The combination of the two results in a pink dye. Pink Tulips or Peonies will craft Pink Dye, which can also be acquired from a Wandering Trader.

Using the dye on the sheep will instantly change the color to pink.

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