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How to Promote Units – Triangle Strategy Wiki Guide

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This page contains information about How to Promote Units in the triangular strategy. You will unlock the unit promotion option as you progress through the main story of the game. Character promotions are available inside the camp, just talk to the salesman in the miscellaneous store.

The Sundry Shop vendor will also sell promotional items for you in exchange for Kudos and Quietus. For example, 30 Kudos points can be redeemed for Medal of Bravery while 50 Kudos points can be redeemed for Medal of Valor. Medals of Valor will upgrade your units from Rookie Rank to Veteran Rank while Medals of Valor will upgrade your units from Veteran Rank to Elite Rank. Elite rank is the highest rank you can promote your allies to.


Choosing to promote a unit will grant a host of stat bonus buffs while also unlocking several new abilities to unlock through upgrading in battle. It will also improve Serenoa’s conviction. To learn more about Serenoa’s Conviction, see IGN’s Serenoa’s Conviction System page in the Triangle Strategy Wiki guide. Each unit has a class, and each class is divided into ranks: rookie, veteran, and elite. Promoting a unit will increase its stats and maximum TP and unlock new abilities to acquire. Upgrading a unit’s class also changes its appearance in battle. You can only promote a unit’s class if it is at or above the specified level and you have the appropriate medal for the promotion. Upgrading a unit’s class will consume the medal.

How to Promote Units

Once you’ve progressed through the game and received your first Medal of Valor, you can use it to promote a unit while visiting the camp from the main menu. You can even visit the encampment before a battle, just select Encampment from the menu and talk to the miscellaneous store vendor. If you have a Medal in your inventory and a unit is available for promotion, the Sundries Shop vendor will tell you. A unit promotion requires a medal and a coin. Medals can be exchanged for Kudos at the Camp Sundries Shop or received as loot at the end of a battle.

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