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How to Play Splatoon 3 with Friends – Splatoon 3 Wiki Guide

It’s been a long wait for the third installment of Nintendo’s new franchise, but Splatoon 3 finally lets you team up and play with friends less complicated!?! This page from IGN’s Splatoon 3 wiki guide walks you through the different ways to play Splatoon 3 in multiplayer mode with your friends. The first half will cover online multiplayer, and in the last half we’ll describe how multiplayer works with LAN. Although not available at the time of the game’s launch, Tabletturf matches are gaining multiplayer functionality in a future update.

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Online multiplayer with friends

Prerequisites – Create your Splashtag

Whether you’re looking to team up in Turf War or Anarchy Battles, there are a few things you’ll need to settle first. Anyone wishing to play Splatoon 3 online must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Second, you can’t find or join friends online until you’ve played your very first Turf War introductory match. This allows you to reach level 2 and access the lobby terminal. Once you’ve created your Splashtag at the lobby terminal, you’re finally free to pair up with friends!

Requirements – Make sure your friends can see you

First you need to make sure your console user settings are set to allow your friends to see you online. This is true for all Nintendo Switch Online games you want to play. To check this setting, go to the home screen of the switch. Select your user profile from the icon at the top of the screen. Scroll down and select User Settings > Friend Settings. Here you will see the option to view your settings online. You can choose to show your status to all friends or only best friends.


Once you’ve created your Splashtag and confirmed your display settings, you won’t need to follow these steps again.

Play with Friends – Drop In

If your friends are online, they’ll be displayed in the lobby menu, or you might see their character hanging out in the lobby itself. You can only join a friend if they are currently playing a match. If they’re just standing in the lobby or looking for a match themselves, you can’t join them.

You can also check if your friends are online by going to Splatnet 3 using the Nintendo Switch Online app on a smart device. For these details, please see the [[Splatnet 3] page of our Splatoon 3 Wiki Guide.

When a friend is available, you can join them by simply selecting them. Note that this method of playing with friends does not guarantee that you will be on the same team. It just puts you in the same lobby as them. However, this method is ideal if you have a group of more than 4 friends who just want to play together, regardless of what team they are on.

Additionally, when playing alone, if a friend decides to join you, you will be notified when the match ends, as shown in the lower right corner of the image above.


Play with Friends – Use Rooms

If you want to make sure you and your friends are all on the same team, one of you has to create a team. To create a room, open the lobby menu, select the friends tab and press Y. You can set a password if you want to allow only certain friends. Without a password, any friend can register. Once everyone has entered the room, select ready to install and play. Rooms can be made up of two, three, or four players (including yourself).

You can also send a notification to everyone on your friends list that a room is open. Friend notifications will appear in the lobby. You can approach them and select to join them. However, it is possible that this notification is several minutes old and that the room does not exist or is already full when you find it. We think the best method is to check the friends list in the lobby menu as it is updated in real time.

Private Battles

Playing Private Battles with friends will not earn you rewards or level up your character. This is a strict exhibition match. For private battles, one of the players must create a room. If you create the part yourself, it works normally. You can choose the stage and for each private battle you play. Even players who have not reached level 10 can play battles of anarchy in private matches.


There must be at least two players (including yourself) in order to play a private battle; however, it supports a total of 10 players. Once all players are present and the scene/mode has been set, the room creator will need to assign a team to each of the players. There can be up to two spectators in a private battle. These viewers will have full camera controls (just like those used in Splatoon’s pro tournaments) and can even switch between player POVs.

Salmon Run online with friends

Independent with friends

Playing Salmon Run with friends works the same way as shown in the previous two sections. However, since everyone will always be on the same team, you won’t really need to create a Salmon Run room unless you’re looking to play with specific friends using a password or making a room. only two or three. Be sure to play Freelance so you can earn rewards and get paid for your work. Selecting Private Jobs with Friends is different and explained in the next section.

Private jobs

Private battles can also be played with Salmon Run. Much like its competitive counterpart, these battles will not earn you rewards or experience points. The creator of the room can choose the difficulty level and the stage. Each player can also choose the weapon they want by pressing the + button before the match starts. During Private Battles, a player’s chosen weapon will remain with them for each wave of the match.

If you play with a team of only or three, the quota of eggs needed to complete each match will be reduced. However, enemies are set to the selected difficulty, so they will appear as if there is a full team of four.


Local multiplayer

It is possible to play Splatoon offline with friends in local multiplayer. Both players must each have their own copies of Splatoon on their Switch. Local multiplayer is available at the Shoal. Here you will be able to create private battles in any mode.

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