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How to Land on an Abandoned Freighter in No Man’s Sky


A guide on how you land on Derelict Freighters in No Man’s Sky.

Landing in No Man’s Sky is, for the most part, one of the simplest mechanics in the game. That said, there are different types of landings; the way you land on a planet is not the same as landing on the Anomaly. Then there are freighters, which also have different versions, such as a Derelict Freighter. If you see a Derelict Freighter floating around, take a look. Here is how to land on an abandoned freighter in no man’s sky.

How to Land on an Abandoned Freighter in No Man’s Sky

Image source: Hello Games

Derelict freighters can confuse No Man’s Sky players. The problem usually stems from the similarity between Derelict Freighters and Wrecked Freighters in space. To know the difference, derelict freighters are mostly intact.

If what you found fits the bill, here’s how you land on a Derelict Freighter:

  1. Fly your ship to the top of the freighter.

    What you are looking for are red lights, which are positioned at the rear of the vessel.

  2. As you approach the ship, slow down your speed.

    You will notice that the rear has several landing pads similar to the outposts.

  3. Choose an airstrip and land as you normally would at an outpost or your own base.

How to find an abandoned freighter

Haven’t seen a Derelict Freighter in No Man’s Sky yet? They’re rare on their own, but No Man’s Sky features several ways to encounter one. But if you manage to find one, you could potentially walk away with a few thousand extra Nanite Clusters as well as a few million units.

Apart from finding an abandoned freighter on impulse:

  • Discover one with an Anomaly Detector (low chance)
  • Use an Emergency Broadcast Receiver (Guaranteed Luck)

Using an Emergency Broadcast Receiver is by far the best way to find a derelict freighter. You can buy one from Scraper resellers or grab one for free from Iteration: Helios on the Anomaly. If you want to grab one for free, you must first buy the first one from a scrap dealer. Also, Iteration: Helios only gives out one for free once a week.

And that’s all you need to know about how to land on abandoned freight in No Man’s Sky. For more, dive straight into emagtrends’ No Man’s Sky wiki. On the other hand, if you’re having trouble with the NMS crashing, we’ve got that covered as well.

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