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How to Increase Student and Staff Happiness – Two Point Campus Wiki Guide

Happiness, at its core, is one of Two Point Campus’ most critical factors, especially when it comes to increasing your campus’ overall performance. If you fail to keep your students happy, their grades will start to drop, they will refuse to pay tuition and may even drop out.

Managing happiness isn’t exactly easy, as many factors can affect your student’s happiness, whether it’s a lack of essential facilities, minimal entertainment and events, or something more. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about increase student and staff happiness at Two Point Campus.


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How to Increase Student Happiness

Here are four surefire ways to help you increase student happiness at Two Point Campus. If you are looking for a particular method, click on the links below to go to…

Build the essentials

When starting for the first time, be sure to build the following facilities, as they are essential for everyone:


  • dormitories – It is recommended to have one bed for every five students. You should also consider keeping dorms small with only six beds. Also note that higher prestige dorms will receive significantly higher rental income.
  • Bathrooms and showers – Students need a place to relieve themselves and improve their level of hygiene.
  • Food and drinks – Although vending machines can satisfy a student’s thirst and hunger, they are not considered very healthy alternatives. Instead, we recommend removing food and drink vendors, as they offer some pretty significant benefits, including:
    • pulpitation machine – +10% movement speed
    • Coffee kiosk – +10% movement speed
    • Ramen Kiosk – +5 Learning Rate
  • Medical office – As you progress through the game, low health can cause disease, and random events such as rain can cause Knight School students to develop rust on their armor, which can eventually make them sick. . Knight School students are also injury prone, so it will be crucial to make sure you have more than one doctor’s office, as the queue can lead to some waiting time.

Provide entertainment and organize events

After providing the essentials, you’ll want to make sure your students have some form of entertainment; otherwise, they will be bored. have a way to increase their level of entertainment. We recommend adding gaming machines, student lounges, student associations, and organizing events. Much like food vendors, when attending events your students will receive some pretty significant buffs to their overall happiness.

With over ten events available to hold, you’ll find a full list in the Events menu, where you’ll find several Student Union concerts that offer students a 20% to 30% happiness boost.

To learn more and find a full list of all available events, check out our guide on How to Organize Events.

Capitalize on the advantages offered by student clubs


Encourage students to join clubs. Unlocked during Piazza Lanatra, you will be able to create student clubs when purchasing new club-related items available in the Club Items menu. Attention, prioritizing recruitment in these clubs will require an assistant to attend the registration table.

These clubs offer significant perks and benefits that can positively affect your students and overall campus performance.

Here is a list of all available student clubs and their benefits.

  • Energy Nap Club
    • Club members find energy anywhere
  • Brisk walking club
    • Club members walk fast
  • Reading Club
    • Club members learn faster
  • Nature Club
    • Club members keep the campus attractive
  • Orb Club
    • Receive money for club members
    • Reduces club member happiness

Achieve personal goals and complete missions

By accepting personal goals that appear in your in-game inbox, students will feel accomplished, increasing their happiness by 25%.


How to Increase Staff Happiness in Two Point Campus

Fortunately, increasing staff happiness is a little easier than your students; however, the methods involved come at a pretty hefty price tag, so you’ll need to make sure you have some extra cash lying around. Here are three ways to make sure your staff stays happy at Two Point Campus.

Provide facilities for staff and increase the threshold for staff breaks

Like students, your faculty needs a place to relax and rest between classes or when their needs decrease. Staff will regain energy faster when visiting a staff room, and the higher the prestige of their room, the faster they will return to work. So, don’t forget to pack the room with entertainment needs such as gaming machines, as well as food and drink tables.

Staff can also be manually put on break by selecting Send on Break in their Character Inspector or by dropping them into the room.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to keep Staff Happiness as high as possible, you can increase the Staff Break Threshold in the Policy tab of the Campus Overview menu. The higher the threshold, the sooner staff will take breaks when their needs fall below the specified threshold.


Increase staff compensation and provide annual raises

Staff compensation can be another factor when it comes to increasing their happiness. When you check out a staff member’s character inspector, you’ll find an option in their overview that allows you to increase their overall annual salary. The higher the salary, the happier they will be.

You can gauge a staff member’s happiness with their salary by looking at the little face displayed next to their salary.

Additionally, you can also check out the Policy section of the Campus Overview, where you will find a Salary Review Modifiers section. Here you will have three options that will allow you to change the amount you are willing to pay a staff member, versus what they expect.

The more you increase the desired salary, the more you are willing to pay them based on their annual salary. It is also possible to pay all staff an immediate salary increase of 1%. The amount displayed indicates the annual increase in campus salary expenses.

Provide staff training


After building a training room, you will be able to train your staff in new skills to broaden their skills and expand their existing expertise.

Although there are several different options available to improve your qualifications, training a staff member in Happy Thoughts can be very beneficial as it gives a permanent boost to their happiness. The higher your training level, the higher the boost you will receive.

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