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How to get trash cubes

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  • How to get trash cubes in the raft
  • How to get and use the recycler

Collecting items is the most crucial action players can do in Raft. This is as essential as eating and drinking, mainly because both of these activities won’t be possible if players stop collecting materials.

However, over time, people can end up with a lot of materials that they don’t need. This can vary from the basics in Raft like plastics to less common ones, like feathers.

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Luckily, unwanted materials can simply be thrown into the game. Dropped items will disappear after a while, so they won’t be strewn around the raft. However, if possible, people are better off hoarding unwanted items until they can make cubes of waste in Raft.


How to get trash cubes in the raft

To get trash cubes in Raftplayers must own the rebreather and throw enough materials into it. Then this special item can be used to trade at the trading post. Since materials will be needed to craft Trash Cubes, players should not throw away any materials, even if they don’t need them.

After obtaining the Trash Cubes, players can now transport them to trade at the Trading Post. Considering the building only exists on a dangerous island Raft animals, it’s a good idea to be careful as death can cause players to respawn. When this happens, they lose two-thirds of their inventory (if the game difficulty is normal or higher).

How to get and use the recycler

To bring in the rebreather Raftplayers must first visit the radio tower. This location will start the game’s story chain, where people will slowly discover what is really going on in the game world.

After getting the blueprint, return to the raft to craft the machine. For this, players must prepare:

  • Metal Ingot x4
  • Bolt or Hinge x2
  • Circuit board x1

Then the machine should be filled with materials. Simply hold an object and press the action button on it. After putting in enough stuff, a Trash Cube will be created after about three minutes.

Note that only certain materials can be used for this gadget, and more valuable items will speed up the recycler meter. For example, Stone is only worth six points while Metal Ingot is worth 75.

To create a trash cube in Raft, people must accumulate 300 points. Here’s how each material is weighted:

Item name Assess
Rock 6
Palm tree leaf ten
Plank ten
Plastic ten
Feather ten
Nail 25
vine goo 25
Clay 30
The sand 30
To abandon 30
seaweed 30
Glass 37.5
Leather 50
giant clam 60
metallic ore 60
Copper 60
Dirt 60
Lock 75
Hinge 75
copper ingot 75
metal ingot 75
dry brick 100
titanium ore 150
Oldest boy 150

Raft is available on PC.

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Source: Raft Wiki

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