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How to get to Jarburg in Elden Ring


The epic fantasy world of Elden Ring is full of cool secrets to uncover and optional areas to discover. But what’s truly amazing about FromSoftware’s latest RPG is the fact that you might not see everything the game has to offer on your first or even second playthrough. One of the optional areas you may have missed is called Jarburg. Here is how to get to Jarburg in Elden Ring. Let’s go.

How to get to Jarburg in Elden Ring

  1. Head to Grace’s Artist’s Hut site in Liurnia.
  2. Go southeast to the edge of the cliff.
    Jarburg, Elden Ring
  3. Carefully use the stone platforms to make your way down.
    Elden Ring, Jarburg
  4. Down below, the Jarburg Site of Grace is right in front of you.
    Jarburg, Elden Ring

What will you find in Jarburg?

Jarburg is basically an optional peaceful village that houses two NPCs, a unique weapon, forging stones, and a ton of ingredients for crafting. It’s also a very handy place to grab a bunch of Cracked Pots and Ritual Pots. Interestingly, all of the pots living here are docile and only attack when provoked.

So here is. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to get to Jarburg in Elden Ring. For more tips and tricks, feel free to check out our in-depth guide wiki. Or, there should be relevant links to browse below.

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