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How to Get the Sunbringer Title in GW2

Tequatl the Sunless is a world boss in Guild Wars 2, and serves as the champion for Zhaitan. This powerful Risen creature can be found in Sparkfly Fen, where you can participate in the associated global event. Overall there is 11 different achievements associated with Tequatl which can be completed.

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Once you complete these 11 achievements, you will earn Title “The Sunbringer”, as well as 116 hit points. In this guide, we are going to cover where you can find this world boss, as well as how to complete all the achievements. First, let’s look at where this world boss event takes place.


Finding Tequatl

encircled shimmering fen burst coastal area, where the tequatl spawns during the world boss event

As mentioned above, Tequatl the Sunless can be found in Sparkfly Fen in the Splintered Coast. This area consists of several small islands leading into the water and is easily accessible by teleporting to the Split Coast waypoint. On the map above, you can see where you should stand while waiting for Tequatl to appear.

It is important to note that while the event is happening, this Waypoint will be contested and you will not be able to travel here. If you want to join the battle a bit late, you will need to find another waypoint and travel here.

Tequatl will not always be available as they are categorized as a difficult world boss. To quickly find out when Tequatl will spawn, be sure to check out the Guild Wars 2 Event Timer on the wiki. This timer covers all bosses and meta in the game, so you can reference it for other bosses in the world.

tequatl cinematic plan

World Boss Tequatl the Sunless in Sparkfly Fen

Before fighting Tequatl, you will see other players standing in the area, also waiting for the event to start. If you’re playing on a map that’s not participating in the event, you can also search the party finder to see if a commander announces their party.

Accomplishments Tequatl

completed achievement screen for tequatl the sunless event

Now that we know where to find Tequatl, let’s take a look at the 11 associated achievements. You will also be able to see some tips and tricks to get them all.

power play

  • The description: Defend Vigil Batteries East, North and West and kill Tequatl in a single encounter.
  • Awards: Five success points

There are three batteries on the battlefield that you will have to defend at certain intervals during the event.

To achieve this achievement, defend a battery each time this part of the event begins. For example, during the first defense, go to the north battery and defend it. Keep doing this until you have defended all three batteries.

Mind the step!

  • The description: Don’t get caught in the explosions of swollen vines.
  • Awards: Five success points

Bloated vines will appear periodically during this global event. Overall, these enemies are big enough that you can easily avoid stepping on their path. The swollen creeper goes explode when killed, so make sure you don’t attack them. If you do, try to run away quickly while they charge up the blast.

Massacre in the swamp

mid-tequatl battle with players attacking tequatls feet
via Vahn Vana’diel/YouTube
  • The description: Defeat Tequatl the Sunless.
  • Awards:
    • 15 success points
    • A point of mastery

This is one of the easiest accomplishments to achieve; all you have to do is defeat Tequatl once. Your total contribution does not count towards this achievement.

I found it!

sparkfly fen map location for the watery grave
  • The description: Find the sunken treasure in the watery tomb.
  • Awards: Five success points

The Water Grave is a area filled with poisonous water, offshore from which Tequatl appears.

To achieve this achievement, wait until Tequatl has been successfully defeated, then head to the area shown above on the map. Here you will see a portal that you can interact with.

This portal will not always be present; you must defeat Tequatl first.

Swim while using healing and blocking abilities to avoid dying from the Watery Grave effect; once you get downstairs, you can open the chest and receive this achievement.

burning light

player standing above swamp area looking at megalaser
  • The description: Fire the megalaser at full power.
  • Awards: Five success points

The megalaser is the giant laser located in the middle of the splintered rib. For this achievement, all you need to do is participate in the event and defend the batteries in the region. Once these batteries have been defended while charging the megalaser, the megalaser will fire and hit Tequatl.

Chances are you’ll get this achievement the first time you participate in the Tequatl Global Event.

above the waves

  • The description: Jump over the shockwave ten times.
  • Awards: Ten success points

From time to time, Tequatl will cause a shock wave in the water. These can be avoided by to jumpbut they can be difficult to see.

To complete this achievement, try backing up to where there are fewer people. Here you will be able to see the shockwave and jump over it. You don’t have to complete all ten jumps in a single runyou can expand it through multiple battles against Tequatl.

tail flail

player standing behind tequatl to avoid its tail attack
via EpicBlobfish/YouTube
  • The description: Dodge Tequatl tail shot.
  • Awards: Five success points

tequatl goes sweep its tail from behind, knocking over everything in its path. For this achievement you will have to go to the back of Tequatl and dodge its tail.

This achievement was a bit buggy for some players, so be sure to try different blocking methods, such as jump and roll. We have found that it is better to Roll when you see Tequatl’s tail start to move.

Sit back and pull the trigger

player standing next to a hylek turret at the tequatl world event site
  • The description: Use a hylek turret at the Tequatl battle site.
  • Awards: One success point

Along the perimeter of the water you will see hylek turrets set up. To complete this achievement, simply sit in one of these turrets.

The Tequatl Event does not need to be active to complete this achievement.

Flawless Defense

  • The description: Defeat Tequatl without any hylek turrets being destroyed.
  • Awards: Ten success points

While defending the batteries, enemies can attempt to destroy Hylek turrets. If this happens, head to the turret and defeat all nearby enemies. This achievement is another simple one to get as other players will help you.

Quick on your feet

  • The description: Defeat Tequatl without being hit by a vortex attack.
  • Awards: Five success points

Once Tequatl reaches at least 75% health, you may begin to see water swirling around the ground. These are vortex attacks that will knock you down and do damage.

To get this achievement, simply avoid these vortices. If you are playing as remote classor choose to control a hylek turret during battlethen this achievement should be relatively simple to obtain.

If you’re playing a melee class, be sure to watch out for those vortices and step back when you begin to form.

Tequatl the Sunless

player with the tequatl event sunbringer title
  • The description: Complete ten Tequatl Achievements.
  • Awards:
    • 50 success points
    • A point of mastery
    • The Sunbringer title

This achievement will be rewarded once you complete all of the achievements listed above. Once this is done, you can put on your Sunbringer Title as well. In total, you will earn a grand total of 116 achievement points of this event, but the party is not completely over! You can keep fighting Tequatl in hopes of getting the tequatl thumbnail and other unique items, such as a weapon mounted.

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