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How to get Silver Ash in Destiny 2


Gather resources to help you grow.

With Destiny 2 currently in the middle of its Solstice of Heroes event, there’s definitely plenty for players to get up and rewarded with at the same time. With a whole new outlook on things in 2022, players will need to familiarize themselves with the new things to do to benefit. For those who are just wondering how to get silver ash in destiny 2let us lend you a hand.

How to get Destiny 2 Silver Ash

In order to get your hands on this valuable new currency that can be used to upgrade your armor, you will need to turn Silver Leaves into Silver Ash in Destiny 2. This is only possible by completing the Bonfire Bash activity.

However, there is no proper exchange rate, so to speak, which means that 1 Silver Leave does not equal 1 Silver Ash, so your final tally may vary. As long as you can get a lot of Silver Leaf, it will be easy to get Silver Ash.

How to Complete Bonfire Bash in Destiny 2

Depending on the race you’re up against, things will change in the Bonfire Bash. However, at its core, these are the segments to keep in mind.

  1. Eliminate all troublesome enemies.

    This will allow the bonfire to begin to grow.

  2. Stoke the bonfire.

    This requires killing special enemies that glow. These enemies are also marked on the mark, so kill them and grab the Igniter orbs. Throw these orbs into the bonfire near or far, and the more you throw, the better your rewards.

    Destiny 2 Bonfire Bash Igniters
  3. Defend yourself.

    Once you’ve fueled the bonfire with enough lighters, more enemies will appear. Eliminate them.

  4. Repeat the process.

    The cycle of throwing igniters and defending will repeat two more times, for a total of three waves.

  5. Defeat the boss.

    Once the final boss appears, simply kill it, then stand next to the bonfire. Your reward will drop from there and your goal will be completed.

    Destiny 2 Bonfire Bash Boss

With the Silver Ash in your inventory, you will be able to upgrade your Glow Armor during the Solstice of Heroes event.

Now that you know how to get silver ash in destiny 2, you can go ahead and enjoy the seasonal event with a goal in mind. For more on the game, be sure to check out the Witch Queen wiki or read more about Sony’s acquisition of Bungie. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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