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How to get Noble’s Fine Sword

For most who play it, Ring of Elden was a revelation. The massive open-world title takes that familiar Souls-like formula, where towering bosses seemingly straddle the line of being unfair, and enforces a way for players to grow and grow stronger. While players can explore and farm at their leisure, Ring of Elden also features a class system with a number of different options to suit certain playstyles. However, the system is flexible enough that players are not locked into a particular build as they can level up and create more diverse versions as they get stronger.


While it’s possible to turn a more warrior-centric class like hero into a mage, Ring of Elden features a ton of loot to collect, further diversifying a player’s build. Found through combat, exploration, and even quest rewards, players are free to customize their character not just for looks, but also to help them grow stronger. Some weapons are apparently more sought after than others, like the insanely powerful Moonveil katana, but there’s no shortage of guides for those who want something a little different.

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One such weapon is the Noble’s Finesword, a weapon that has been gaining a lot of attention recently. Some players even believe that the Noble’s Finesword may be the best sword in Elden Ring, making it highly sought after. For those wondering what this weapon is, here’s where to find it and what it does.

fine sword of the noble ring of elden

Where to find the Noble’s Finesword

Unlike some other guns Ring of Eldenwhere players must defeat a powerful NPC boss or loot a chest at the end of a dungeon, the Noble’s Finesword is a bit easier to find.

Ultimately, players will want to hunt down wandering nobles around Limgrave as he has a very low chance of dropping them. Additionally, Wandering Nobles found in Raya Lucaria Academy also have a chance to drop it. In fact, there’s a great farming spot at Debate Parlor Grace in Raya Lucaria. After going up the stairs and leaving the boss room, turning left will take players to two nobles picking weeds, with more up the stairs. With each Noble having a chance to drop the weapon, players simply need to reset to the site of Grace’s Debating Lounge and keep roaming that area until it drops. It’s worth noting that the drop rate is extremely low, with many stating it’s only a measly 0.5% drop chance, so players may need to exploit this route for a certain time.

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What the Nobleman’s Thin Sword Does

As one of the longest straight swords in the game, the Noble’s Finesword has excellent reach and can adapt to many builds as it scales with strength and dexterity. For most, the appeal of this weapon will be its ease of use, requiring only 8 points in Strength and 11 in Dexterity. It can also be infused with Ashes of War and enhanced with Magic.

The sword also comes with a unique weapon skill called Square Off. Ultimately, Square Off has two modes, the first seeing the player hold the blade in a horizontal position which results in an upward slice. The second position costs more FP, but it results in a pushing movement.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Elden Ring Wiki

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