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How to Get Name Tags in Minecraft


It’s time to name all those wolves Pokémon.

Welcome to another guide as we help you understand some of the more vague elements of Minecraft. There is an item that will allow you to name creatures like you would a pet. Here is how to get name tags in minecraft.

If you’re trying to find them naturally, we’re sorry to say that Name Tags can’t be crafted from a recipe or found in the wild without an RNG. Luckily, there are several ways to get your hands on it.


Name tags are part of the pool of treasures that can be found while fishing. While this is definitely an RNG fight, it’s something you can keep doing as long as you have a rod. Finding treasure while fishing has about a 5% chance per cast.

Loot Chest

This one is probably the most lucrative overall if you’re the explorer type, but name tags have a chance of dropping from looted chests. These stats are off the wiki and show the chances of finding a name tag based on where the chest was found:

  • Dungeon – 28.3%
  • Mine shaft – 42.3%
  • Ancient city – 16.1%
  • Buried Treasure – 34.3%
  • Woodland Manor – 29.7%

Buy from villagers

This is probably the worst luck of all, considering the large number of possible items the villagers could sell you. However, it’s still a way to get a name tag.

This should cover everything you need to know about how to get name tags in minecraft. With them you could even name a polar bear.

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