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How to get into the computer supplies closet

Prey is one of Arkane Studios’ underrated masterpieces. The game features Morgan Yu, a scientist stuck on the Talo-I space station, where things went awry after the Typhoon creatures broke their containment. Morgan and the player’s job is to walk through the station and figure out what to do and what’s going on.

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As is typical for Arkane Studios, Prey contains a ton of detail and little ingrained mysteries. Curious players who enjoy exploring the station and doing side quests will thrive the most in its dynamic environment. One of The prey The best kept secrets are actually the infamous IT Supply Closet found in the Talos-I lobby, which is apparently inaccessible at first. Here’s how gamers can legit get into the computer supply closet without cheating.


How to get into the computer supplies closet

The computer supplies closet is a small room located inside the computer security room. When entering the Talos-I hall via the side stairs of the Neuromod division, the computer security door is located at the top of the stairs on the left side of the hall. Players will either need to hack the door with Hack the level 1 skill, or they can use the door code, which is 0913.

Inside, players will find a locked door at the back that requires a keycard and cannot be hacked. It’s possible to slip into this room, but if players would rather not waste their GLOO Cannon ammo, they can simply follow the legitimate path to get here, as shown by YouTuber TurboAchiever above.

Somewhere around the middle of the endgame, a character called Dahl will arrive in Talos-I. Before his arrival, Morgan must have killed several people (36 according to TurboAchiever) aboard the station. This will trigger a new quest when it arrives called To show initiative.

How to finish showing initiative

To complete this quest, Dahl will have Morgan kill four more Talos-I crew members.. They can be found in Life Support, where the escape pods are located. Kill all four survivors (which shouldn’t be too difficult for Morgan at this point in the game, with the variety of weapons available), and among them will be a man named Steve Folson. On his corpse, Morgan will be able to find a key card suitable for the keyboard in the IT Supply Closet.

Inside, players can find a ton of resources for the recycler, GLOO Cannon ammo, Disruptor ammo, weapon upgrade kit, and spare parts. It might not be the best way to handle Prey’s rather emotional story, but players who are hungry for loot and want to try and find an alternate ending for the game should side with Dahl for a change. of rhythm.

Prey is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: PreyWiki

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