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How to Get and Farm Quartz – V Rising Wiki Guide

Quartz is an essential gemstone needed to craft the Scourge Stone, the primary component for creating the Dark Silver Ingot. If you’re looking to craft some of the best armor and weapons in V Rising, you’ll want to start by having a good amount of Quartz in your storage; and this guide will show you how to do that.

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How to get and grow quartz

Although the game lists a few places where you can find quartz, it can be difficult to find this gemstone as it grows in concentrated clusters rather than random locations.

Below are the top three spots (all in the Dunley Farmland) you can explore this guarantee to spawn these quartz clusters:

  1. Dunley Monastery
  2. dawn village
  3. Village of Moswick

Due to the nature of these locations, it is best to travel to dawn villagedefeat Beatrice the Tailor and acquire the human form. The human form ensures that you can enter these human settlements undetected and farm quartz safely.

The best place to grow quartz

Of the three locations in Dunley Farmlands, the best location to Farm Quartz in V Rising is easily the Dunley Monastery. Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous place, guarded by Raziel the Shepherd and his devoted followers. Additionally, Dunley Monastery is protected by a holy aura that causes you to take damage over time while you’re inside.

The only way to get rid of this debuff is to take either a Potion of Holy Resistance or one Sacred Resistance Flask. If you don’t consume it before entering, the human form will shatter and the aura will reveal you to the entire monastery.

  • Be sure to bring a Mace-type weapon before going to farm Quartz; you’ll need to be as quick as possible when breaking nodes before villages are alerted to your presence.
  • Quartz Nodes will appear randomly in these human settlements, so the places you see here won’t necessarily be there when you visit them.
  • It is recommended to be at least Gear Level 50 before tackling Dunley Monastery and being Gear Level 38 to attack one or the other of the two villages.

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