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How to Get and Farm Aguav Berry in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus received a new one, free update that is already live for all players and with it Game Freak has added some new mechanics that play into each other.

Legends: Arceus Daybreak is a mostly minor gameplay update that specifically adds post-game content, like a handful of new challenges, quests, and Massive Mass Outbreaks. And, to coincide with the inclusion of Massive Mass Outbreaks as a new encounter mechanic, the Aguav Berry has also been added.

Aguav Berries are special berries that will help players navigate the wilderness of so many mass outbreaks that all occur in the same area. They can also be used to heal a Pokemon for half of its max HP or as a decoy, though that should be the least of your worries when it comes to these items.

Once you head to an area that has an ongoing massive mass outbreak, Mai and her Munchlax will spawn near the base camps. By feeding Munchlax five Aguav Berries, players can reveal the species featured in all outbreaks on their map, including special or berry outbreaks.

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This method will make it easy for you to decide which mass outbreaks to prioritize and if there are any special ones you want to check in the limited time you have to do so, as mass mass outbreaks are timed events and occur will dissipate after a certain period of time. past. Thus, making Aguav berries even more valuable.

Unlike the majority of berries presented in Legends: Arceus, there are only two documented ways to harvest Aguav berries. Here are some tips for building up your stockpile before you head out to investigate those massive massive outbreaks.

How to Grow Aguav Berries

With the Legends: Arceus Daybreak update, Game Freak has also added several new features for players to enjoy in Jubilife Village, primarily involving the characters you encounter throughout the game’s story. However, Aguav Berries now enjoys a special inclusion in town.

When talking to the farmhand about planting certain crops, a new option called Special Berry Harvest is now selectable. This will specifically allow you to farm Aguav Berries on Expeditions, giving you an easy way to collect a steady supply of the Useful Harvest, though it also produces Figy, Wiki, Iapap, and Mago Berries.

A special harvest of berries will cost 10,000 PokéDollars.

Berry outbreaks

The other reliable way to farm Aguav Berries is to actively participate in Mass Mass Outbreaks, as there is a specific type called Berry Outbreaks that can appear.

These Berry Outbreaks, which are marked by a small berry appearing next to a Pokémon’s Outbreak icon on your map, will give players a chance to collect more Aguav Berries by defeating that specific Outbreak.

Image via Pokemon Company

The number of Aguav Berries per outbreak will vary, but you can use it as an easy way to farm them if you’re low on money to plant a special crop of berries.

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