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How to Get a Jetpack and Fly

Patrolling the wastelands Fallout 4 in a power armor set is one of the most badass feelings you can experience in the desert. However, with the addition of a jet packpower armor will become the definitive cool way to roam the desert.

While the jetpack is definitely a new way to spruce up your power armor, it comes at a pretty high cost for your fusion core power level.

With a few explosions around, you’ll soon find yourself out of juice and need another core to continue your majestic leaps around the desert.

How to get a Jetpack in Fallout 4?

If you have an abundance of fusion cores, or just want to feel like Iron Man in Fallout 4 without worrying about the expense, here are the two ways to equip your power armor with this gear.

Craft the Jetpack Power Armor Mod

The first is to simply craft and modify your power armor and select the jetpack option. This requires you to visit a Power Armor station, one of which is at the Red Rocket Truck Stop near Vault 111. They can also be found at Sanctuary Hills, Spectacle Island, Home Plate, Jamaica Plain, and the Cambridge Police Station . , to name a few.

You can only craft a Jetpack for the following power armor types, each requiring a different amount of materials to craft. We’ve listed the required materials next to each power armor below:

  • T-45 Power Armor: 4 adhesives, 6 aluminum, 5 asbestos, 7 nuclear materials
  • T-51 Power Armor: 5 Adhesive, 8 Aluminum, 6 Asbestos, 9 Nuclear Material
  • T-60 Power Armor: 5 Adhesive, 9 Aluminum, 8 Asbestos, 10 Nuclear Material
  • Power Armor X-01: 7 adhesives, 10 aluminum, 9 asbestos, 12 nuclear materials

Before you can craft the Jetpack, you’ll also need to make sure you have your Science! advantage at rank 4, and the Gunsmith advantage at rank 4.

Complete the Brotherhood of Steel questline to get a T-60 Power Armor jetpack

The alternate way to pick up the modification can only be obtained by completing the game’s main story.

To get the cool mod this way, you need to complete the main questline and make sure you’ve remained a loyal member of the Brotherhood throughout. This means you will need to join the faction by visiting Cambridge Police Station and talking to Paladin Danse.

Progress through the main storyline and when you reach a point of no return in the final quest, you must choose the Brotherhood of Steel to destroy the Institute.

Once done, you will be promoted to the rank of “Sentinel” in the Brotherhood of Steel. For your efforts, Elder Maxson will also give you the T-60 Power Armor Jetpack modification.

How to Fly in Fallout 4

Once equipped, head into the desert and quickly press the jump button (A/X/Spacebar) to soar through the sky and rain fire on your unconscious enemies.

That’s all there is to it, is how to get the jetpack and how to fly in fallout 4.

There should probably be a health and safety guide that should come with the jetpack in Fallout 4, but who cares about safety when there are Super Mutants to kill?

Have you picked up the jetpack modification for your power armor yet? How did you acquire the mod in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below. Also let us know if you have any questions!

If you need additional help, check out our game wiki.

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