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How to fix Pokemon GO incense not working bug? Response in 2022


Developed by Niantic, Pokemon GO was released for mobile devices a few years ago and quickly became a global phenomenon where people were absolutely obsessed with running around and trying to see what Pokemon they could catch. Things in the game have changed significantly, however, and if you’re wondering how to fix pokemon go incense bughere’s what you need to know.

How Incense Works in Pokemon GO

Incense increases your Pokemon’s spawn rate for a period of time while you have it active, and Niantic’s latest change to the item increased its active duration from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. However, if you have it activated and it doesn’t seem to be doing much for you, it may be because you are standing still.

If you move with incense active, it should work normally. For stationary players, spawns will only appear every five minutes or so, making it much less effective.

How to Fix Pokemon GO Incense Not Working

Besides just moving around with your phone when Incense is active, if you’re still experiencing a lack of spawns every five minutes when you’re stationary, the issue is likely in your device’s time settings.

To fix the bug, you need to make sure that your device time is set to automatic.

  1. If you’re on iPhone, open your Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap Date & Time, then make sure Set Automatically is active.
  4. If you’re on Android, open your system app.
  5. Tap Date on time and make sure Auto date & time and Auto time zone are active.

Once you sort out your time zone settings on mobile, your Pokemon GO Incense should start working as expected again.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix pokemon go incense bug in 2022. Be sure to check out our wiki guide for more tips and information on the game.

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