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How to Find (and Use) the Temessence Vial in Temtem

To restore his squad to full HP, Tamers will need to unlock the Vial of Temessence, an item acquired during TemTem’s first main quest.

The Temessence vial is a reusable key item in TimeTem which can be consumed to fully restore the player team’s HP. Additionally, any depleted Temtem will be automatically revived. The only downside to this consumable is that it only contains one dose, which means tamers can only use it once before its contents run out. Luckily, the Temessence Vial can be replenished an infinite number of times in TimeTem by visiting any Temporium. Temporiums are locations in the Airborne Archipelago where players can store their Temtem at no cost. These establishments also contain HealTem Stations, devices that heal all team members to maximum HP and refill the single dose of the Temessence vial.


During his travels in TimeTemIn the huge world of Tamers, Tamers will encounter several Temporiums and Mini-Temporiums where they can fill their Temessence vial. However, that doesn’t mean players should frivolously use their Vial whenever the moment feels right. Instead, the vial of Temessence should be used as an emergency tool or “free jail break card”, meaning players should only choose to consume it when they absolutely have to during a tight combat situation or an arduous journey with many encounters with Temtem.

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According to the TemTem Wiki, tamers can unlock their vial of Temessence for “First steps“, the first main quest of TimeTem. This quest is quite extensive, involving a variety of activities that will help players start their journey through the colorful world of the Airborne Archipelago.

Unlock the Temessence vial in Temtem

To unlock the vial of Temessence in TimeTemTamers can refer to the index below for detailed steps:

Step # Walkthrough Details
  • After completing the Tamer Creation Zone, meet Professor Konstantinos in his lab.
  • The protagonist will go through a dialogue sequence with the professor, after which they can choose their first Temtem.
  • Next, the Tamer protagonist must learn the basics of combat by battling their starting Temtem with an opponent.
  • However, before going any further, a Trail Keeper will approach the protagonist and recommend that they acquire the vial of Temessence.
  • To get this item, go to Luisouvenirs, a small shop in town run by an NPC named Lius.
  • While Luis won’t charge players for the vial, they will give the protagonist a single task to test their mettle.
  • To get the vial of Temessence from Luis in TimeTemplayers must bring the NPC a Prasine Coast Temtem, such as Paharo.

Source: Wiki TemTem

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    Temtem is a Pokémon-style creature collection MMORPG developed by Crema and published by Humble Bundle. Players embark on a journey and collect creatures called Temtem, train them, and engage in one-on-one battles against other players or NPCs found in the world. Temtem also features a full story mode outside of the MMORPG where players take on the role of a “Temtem Tamer” as they travel the world collecting Temtem as they take on a nefarious group called Clan Belosto, inadvertently becoming heroes in the process. Temtem shares several elements in common with Pokemon regarding battling and collecting, but additional features that help it stand out include the ability to decorate houses, take on unique side quests, and deeper character customization. The game originally started out as a Kickstarter project that helped it reach early access in 2020, but Temtem eventually saw a worldwide release on September 6, 2022.

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