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How to Evolve Wurmple into Silcoon and Cascoon – Pokemon GO Wiki Guide

Wondering how to evolve Wurmple in Pokemon Go? Wurmple Evolutions are slightly more complicated than most – there are two options for Wurmple to evolve; silcoon and Cascoon. Otherwise, silcoon evolves into beautifullywhile Cascoon evolves into Dustox.

Wurmple Features in the Limited Time Bug Out! event in Pokemon Go, which is live from August 10 to August 16. There is a chance to encounter Wurmple in the wild or while taking a photo during the event. In order to complete the Bug Out collection challenge, you will need to obtain both Silcoon and Cascoon.


How to Evolve Wurmple

Wurmple silcoon Cascoon
Bug Bug Bug

To evolve Wurmple, you will need 12 Wurmple Candies. When you evolve Wurmple, there is no way to influence or anticipate the evolution you will get; there is a 50% chance your insect friend will turn into silcoon, 50% He becomes Cascoon.

Luckily, since the evolution price isn’t too high and neither evolution is particularly rare, hopefully you can keep evolving Wurmple until you get both versions.

Silcoon Evolution

silcoon beautifully
Bug Bug/Flying

silcoon evolves into the Bug/Flying Pokemon beautifully. This evolution will cost you 50 Candy.


Cascoon Evolution

Cascoon Dustox
Bug Bug/Poison

Cascoon evolves into the Pokemon Bug/Poison Dustoxand costs 50 Candy to evolve.

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