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How to erase data from a faulty USB flash drive

Good morning!

I bought 3 USB drives with 256 GB capacity from 2 different stores in the same town named Murska Sobota, Slovenia at different times. The USBs were: Hama 256GB and later I bought a USB simply named Müller 256GB, both bought from a store named Müller, then I also bought Xplore 256GB from a store named Big Bang. All USB sticks had pretty much the same issues. They all stopped working after a short time, after I copied data over them. Stores and/or their factories steal at least money, but most likely also data, because they know that people have personal data on their faulty USB drives. Most customers won’t return USB drives because they’re worried their data will be stolen. The store/factory steals at least some money. Then, if the client returns the USB key, he also steals the client’s data.
The problem is that USB drives don’t let me access data, so I can’t format the drive, I can’t erase data, and I can’t copy or delete data, but the data is still there. . I checked the data there with many programs and computers on Linux and Windows. I have also tried formatting, deleting, copying and erasing data on Linux and Windows. I don’t have access to it. Many times I get I/O errors, which I think are factory built hardware, which they can probably work around with some of their own hardware. Someone in a store or factory, who produced these faulty USB sticks, probably has physical access to the data. I must say that I have more than 20 USB sticks, also Hama 32 GB and Xplore 128 GB, of which two USB sticks work and many others work for a very long time. So the problems are still with these 256 GB. I also assume that the Müller store renamed the old Hama 256 GB to Müller 256 GB, to continue selling these defective USB sticks, because even on Wikipedia they mentioned the scandal around the Hama company: (company). Even the store clerk Müller told me I should look for different and better USB sticks in exchange for mine when I tried to buy the more expensive 256GB one so everyone knows the management is pulling a rip off, but i needed 256gb so i bought it.
My question is, how do I erase data from a USB drive, so that even the recovery program can’t recover it, so that I can return the USB drive and get my money back? I don’t care, if I have to electrocute it with electricity, as long as it remains visually intact, because these companies/shops/factories obviously also only sell visually good, but defective things.

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