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How to Enter the Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel (and Where to Find It)


The Lands Between is full of secret places and hidden areas that can be difficult to find or penetrate, even if you can see them on the map. If you find it difficult to understand how to enter the sealed tunnel of elden ringor even where to find it, we’ve got the details you need below.

Where to find the sealed tunnel in Elden Ring

The Sealed Tunnel can be found on the Altus plateau, right next to the capital. It’s just by the west gate of Leyndell Royal Capital. Here is the exact location on the map where you should look for its entrance:

Head to the dark spot on the map to find the sealed tunnel which, ironically, isn’t sealed at all. There is no elevator here, so you can walk straight to find the Site of Grace from the tunnel.

How to enter the sealed tunnel

Things get a little complicated once you find the Grace site. The room looks like a dead end, but the sealed tunnel is full of illusory walls and hidden pathways inside.

The first secret path can be found in the image below. You will need to hit the wall in the spot circled in the screenshot to make the path appear.

Entrance to the Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel

This is a recurring theme inside the tunnel, so be sure to read the player messages left on the ground to guide you if you ever hit a dead end while exploring inside.

If you manage to make it through the tunnel, you will reach the West Altus Divine Tower, which is the tower that will activate Rykard, the Great Rune of the Lord of Blasphemy. In fact, you can’t enter the tower without defeating it first.

That’s all you need to know about where to find the sealed tunnel in Elden Ring and how to get inside. Be sure to check out our in-game wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and other useful information as you venture into the Lands Between.

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