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How to Earn the Bloodthirsty Medal in COD Mobile

Medals and killstreaks are some of the most iconic features of the Call of Duty franchise. And so, of course, all of them are also present in COD Mobile. But how exactly do you get them, and more specifically, how do you get one of the most prestigious, the Bloodthirsty Medal?

Ever since the multiplayer era of CoD began, medals have been a small but essential feature. It rewards talented players with nice medals that show their achievements in any particular game. These medals are also presented to the entire lobby at the end of a match.

There are many medals to earn, but one of the most prestigious is the Bloodthirsty Medal. Even though there are medals that demand more from the player than the Bloodthirsty, it usually comes at the end of exceptional games that are worth sharing.

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How to Get Bloodthirsty Scorestreak COD Mobile


What is Bloodthirst in COD Mobile

The Sanguinary Medal is a killstreak medal. The killstreak medal is different from the regular killstreak bonus like UAV or Hunter Killer Drone. It has no additional gameplay benefits. Its main use is to reward players who do well in the game.

Killstreak medals are also different from kill medals. While Killstreak Medals require you to get multiple kills in a single lifespan, Killstreak Medals have more specific tasks to accomplish. For example, everyone knows the famous “Collateral” medal, which requires killing several enemies at once.

It also offers experience and cammo bonuses at the end of the match. You can also get multiple bloodthirsty medals in a single game.

While this may seem pointless at first glance, it gives the gameplay a lot more depth than you might think. It gives a slight sense of accomplishment to every game and makes the games feel meaningful.

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COD Mobile how to get bloodthirsty


How to get Bloodthirsty Medal in Cod Mobile

While it’s no small feat in practice, getting the Bloodthirsty Medal isn’t that hard in theory. All players need to do to get the Bloodthirsty Medal is get five kills in the same life.

There are many other medals you can acquire by playing COD Mobile. Having many medals in a single match will make you a good candidate for the MVP spot and grant you more experience than usual.

Other killstreak medals in COD Mobile include:

  • Brutal – Kill 25 enemies without dying
  • Tirelessly – Kill 20 enemies without dying
  • Ruthless – Kill 15 enemies without dying
  • without mercy – Kill 10 enemies without dying
  • bloodthirsty – Kill 5 enemies without dying
  • Berserker – Kill 3 enemies without dying
  • super kill – Kill 6 enemies within a short time of each other.
  • Kill Frantically – Kill 5 enemies within a short time of each other.

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