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How to Earn Over $8 Million Per Hour in GTA Online in 2022

GTA Online has had its share of issues since launch, and some remain unfixed. A glitch or bug is an error that produces unexpected results in a game that were not always intended by the developers.

Although they can sometimes break games, they often work to the advantage of players as well. In GTA Online, players have come up with unique problem-based money-making ideas. Among the myriad of tips and tricks available on the internet, this is one particular bug that is equally useful.

GTA Online Money Making Problem Helps Players Make Big Money

YouTuber Pooborama has now found a fairly easy way to win over $8,000,000 in cash due to a bug in GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist. By following the instructions below, as explained in the video, players can earn lots of cash, which can be put to good use in in-game purchases.

Pooborama explains the steps quite well and the problem has been present since the Doomsday Heist. Players should enjoy it before Rockstar fixes it with another GTA Online update.

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Make sure you have these selections set up so you can follow the guide mentioned below.


  • Approach vehicle: Kosatka
  • Infiltration point: drain tunnel
  • Compound entry point: drain tunnel
  • Vanishing Point : Kosatka
  • Jtime of day: Night

Enter the trunk

Cut through the grill.  (Picture via YouTube/Pooborama)
Cut through the grill. (Picture via YouTube/Pooborama)
  1. Players can start the job by swimming to Rubio’s compound through the Drain Port, as this is one of the shortest routes.
  2. Once under the enclosure, there will be a gate that needs to be opened. It can be cut without much effort using their cutting tool.
  3. Once through, the drain pipe will lead to another grate to open up and reveal the iron ladder. They can then swim from there and head inside the enclosure, as seen in a cutscene.
  4. From there, take down the guards on the way to collecting two keycards. Also take out the security cameras present before going to Rubio’s office.
  5. The door key should be secured from the guard standing next to the door. Once this guard is down, walking towards him will help acquire the door key. Headshots will facilitate this with less noise, reducing the chances of being discovered by other NPCs.
  6. A few more guards need to be taken down on the way to Rubio’s room which contains the underground safe with money.

Glitch in the Matrix

Glitched scene in the mission.  (Picture via YouTube/Pooborama)
Glitched scene in the mission. (Picture via YouTube/Pooborama)

This is where the problem appears on the scene, and it takes a bit of zooming into the vault for it to happen; it usually takes a few tries.

  1. If the scrambled scene appears, there will be a path to jump into a room that has the gold bars.
  2. The bars will add nearly $400,000 to the take. There might even be a second stack after the problem, but it doesn’t appear every time.
  3. Cut through the glass case inside the locked doors outside Rubio’s room to steal the Sinsimito tequila which will net $1,000,000. The location of the Tequila will be indicated by a green dot on the map.
Tequila Sinsimito in a glass display case.  (Picture via YouTube/Pooborama)
Tequila Sinsimito in a glass display case. (Picture via YouTube/Pooborama)

This will give players a take of nearly $1,500,000 at the end if played on hard mode. There may be money lost or gained depending on the difficulty level chosen and the damage taken.

The final escape

Rescue gate secured by Print Cloner.  (Picture via YouTube/Pooborama)
Rescue gate secured by Print Cloner. (Picture via YouTube/Pooborama)
  1. For the escape, the key cards will help open the secure door using a print cloner. The task will be to match fingerprints, which is quite easy to do.
  2. Once out of the door there will be another door to exit using the key. This will lead to the main door outside, guarded by an officer.
  3. Downing them with a headshot shouldn’t alert other NPCs, and the doors can be opened by pressing the green exit button next to it.
  4. Players can then run to the point to see another agent standing next to the bike, take it down, and take the bike out to jump into the waters to dive and swim.
  5. Swimming to safety may take longer than the entry point through the drain hole, but it should complete the heist.
  6. Once the cutscene has started, the game must be disconnected as soon as the message “Pending transaction” appears at the bottom right. This will not affect the hold credited to the player’s account.

Restarting the mission

The game will display a “Save Failed” message in the bottom left of the screen and the game will exit the GTA Online session and load the single player campaign. The moment the “Leave Session” message stops appearing on screen is when the game can be brought back online.

Heist Post passed.  (Picture via RockstarGames)
Heist Post passed. (Picture via RockstarGames)

Once logged back into GTA Online, a “successful break” message will appear with final take details flashing on screen, which could be in the range of $1,300,000.

Players can log back into SecuroServ, then restart the same heist and go through the steps again, which shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes each time. However, a quick scan is recommended for the issue to work and maximum hold.

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For GTA Online players, these issues can sometimes make or break the game as well. Rockstar continues to send out updates to fix them, although some stick around for a long time.

For full guides and walkthroughs, check out SK GTA Wiki

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