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How to Destroy Red Anomalous Crystal Growths (Firegleam) – Horizon: Forbidden West Wiki Guide

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Red anomalous crystal growths, also known as Firegleam, can be found throughout the Forbidden West map. During the opening hours of the game, you will probably encounter this mysterious red crystal while exploring The Daunt and No Man’s Land and you will probably wonder how you can destroy them, since they are marked as a blocked path. In this guide below, we’ll explain how to unlock the Special Gear item to destroy red abnormal crystal growths, along with the requirements you’ll need.

This guide will contain minor spoilers for the main quest names under spoiler tags, so be warned.


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How to Destroy Abnormal Red Crystal Growths (Firegleam)

Long story short and without spoiling anything, you’ll unlock the ability to destroy red anomalous crystal growths (Firegleam) by completing the first main quest that takes part in the Forbidden West, which sees Aloy craft her second special gear item, the Igniter, a unique spear upgrade that enables the detonation of Firegleam. Moreover, this tool can also be used to destroy obstacles, opening new paths in the environment.

It is also worth mentioning; this tool cannot be missed and is required to complete the main quest.

You’re probably also curious about what’s behind Firegleam? Well, that’s nothing too exciting, as Firegleam normally blocks access to valuable resource caches and Greenshine – a rare resource that’s used to upgrade weapons and outfits or buy coils, weaves and rare machine parts from merchants.

If you want to know exactly which main quest unlocks the Igniter, check out the spoiler tag below.

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