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How to defeat the Abomination – Valheim Wiki Guide

There are monsters in Valheim that appear to be bosses but aren’t exactly one. Once you reach the Valheim swamp biome, you’ll start encountering powerful monsters that can literally shoot you if you’re not careful.

Enter the Abomination, while technically not a boss, is a gigantic dead tree that might as well be some sort of mini-boss. In this guide, you will learn how to deal with the Abomination when it inevitably appears in front of you.


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How to find the abomination

The Abomination isn’t really something you seek out, it just appears in front of you when you approach it. It camouflages itself as a dead tree, so just by exploring the swamp biome you should be able to encounter them multiple times.

How to defeat the abomination

Now that you’ve found the Abomination, you should keep these things in mind when fighting it:

  • Abomination does not regenerate HP when left alone for a while. If they run away and you can’t chase them because you’re out of stamina, slow down a bit and recover some of that stamina before chasing after it once more.
  • You can track the Abomination if you know the general direction it ran.
  • Another way to tell if there is an Abomination near you, provided it has already risen from the ground, is that whenever it walks there will be splashes of ground or water in it. depending on the terrain on which it walks. These splatter particles are present even without the Abomination model present in your screen.
  • If there are other monsters in the area, be sure to kill them before facing the Abomination. You won’t want the extra attention while you try to focus on the Abomination.

The Abomination is best fought with a bow and a bunch of fire arrows. The strategy to apply would be the gold kite strategy. To “kite” you want to run while drawing your bow from a safe distance making sure the Abomination can’t hit you with any of its moves.

Make sure there are plenty of trees between you and the Abomination to be safe from it. It is recommended to fight it in a place where large trees are abundant and use them as cover against the Abomination. Make sure there is at least one big tree in front of you and the Abomination before you start shooting arrows.

Another way to fight the Abomination would be to use your melee weapons, however, this is not recommended as you would get close to it. The Abomination has AoE attacks that you would need to time your dodges. They have a sweeping attack that can be quite difficult to dodge and has the potential to shoot you if you’re not careful. For this reason, it is highly recommended to fight the Abomination with a bow, rather than melee.

This should be fine if you’re in another biome, but you’re in the swamp, which means you’d be wet all the time and that means your stamina regen gets lowered. If you plan to fight the Abomination one-on-one in melee, you might want a Tasty Mead for stamina regeneration that can be crafted from the Fermenter.

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