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How to Create a Wiki in Notion

Sharing a large amount of information with many people can be difficult. This is especially true if you are not the only one maintaining and updating the documents.

This is where wikis come in handy. Wikis are the ideal solution for storing and sharing knowledge online. Anyone can create one and allow others to edit it, or not, depending on permission settings.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create and customize a wiki in Notion, from getting started to sharing with your audience. First, we will explain in more detail what a wiki is.

What is a Wiki?

In Hawaii, wiki means fast. Online, it is a collection of web pages that provide summarized information to an audience, and in turn, the audience provides information to the wiki.

Think of it as a living document. It is published, but anyone with access to it can contribute their thoughts, ideas, and expertise on topics on a wiki so that others can benefit.

Screenshot of an information database with links

You can view and give access publicly, which comes in handy when building a fan site for your favorite video game or hobby. You can also limit access to a smaller group if you want to create a wiki for a limited group, such as an employee handbook, handbook, or study notes.


If you wanted to, you could really create a wiki for just about any topic for any purpose.

How to Create a Wiki in Notion

If you’re a seasoned Notion user, it might be tempting to create a wiki from scratch. However, there is no point in reinventing the wheel because the software provides a model where it does most of the work for you. The model is excellent for beginners and pros.

To find the wiki layout, select Models in the lower left corner and open the Support scrolling menu. There you will find the one called Help Center.

Screenshot of a templates menu in project management software

By clicking Use this template will create a new page where you can start customizing your wiki. This page is the center of your knowledge base. Each link under the captions directs your audience to another Notion page. You can also link to other resources here.

The template offers some instructions, but if you’re new to Notion, here are some general tips on customization.

How to customize your wiki in Notion

To change the cover photo, hover your cursor over it and select Change coverage. Here you can swap it out for a stock photo, upload your own, change it to color, or delete it altogether.

Changing the icon is as easy as clicking on it and selecting another one from the options. The icon library is extensive, so you’ll likely find something relevant to the topic. However, you can also upload or link to your own.

Open icon menu in project management software

You might notice that working with text in Notion is similar to any other basic editor. As you go, you can change the formatting by highlighting anywhere to show the toolbar. Alternatively, you can right-click on the block.

Another note about the text editor is that it uses commands to add elements to your page. If you want to add a new block, press the forward slash (/) on your keyboard, and a list of options will appear.

Keep in mind that this is the main hub of your wiki, you might want to keep it minimal for browsing purposes.

How to add pages to your wiki in Notion

To quickly add a new page to your wiki, hover over the name in the sidebar and click the add option next to it. You can also use a slash in the text editor to display commands and select pages from the menu. A new page will appear where you can decide whether to create your layout from scratch or work with one of Notion’s many useful templates.

Cursor hovering over Add new page option in project management software

Here’s where you can get creative with blocks by adding headers, media, and bullets to your page to support on-page information. If you summarize a lot of information, Notion’s databases will help you stay organized.

After designing your page or at least giving it a title, click on it and you will find it in your wiki. You can now drag and drop it to the appropriate location. You can also find it in the sidebar by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your wiki’s name.

If you selected the New page in the lower left corner of Notion, you’ll notice that it appears independently from the rest of your knowledge base in the sidebar. To fix this drag and drop it into your wiki. You will now find it inside, where you can move it under the appropriate subtitle.

How to share your wiki and set permissions in Notion

When you’re ready to allow other people to access your wiki, select To share at the top right of your page and switch Share on the Web to. A permissions menu will open where you can choose to allow editing, commenting, duplicating and, if you have a pro account, indexing.

Screenshot of a share menu with permissions in project management software

If you decide you don’t want anyone to comment or edit your wiki, you can disable these options and invite others to do so individually in the sharing settings. You can also limit your audience by not publishing your page and inviting others privately.

Private sharing options menu in project management software

When you share or publish a page on Notion, keep in mind that you are also giving equal access to all of its sub-pages. Although you can disable them individually, it can be useful to verify that you have no personal information on your pages before making them public.

The ability to make pages public without allowing anyone to edit them also means you can also create a webpage for just about anything.

Be creative with your wiki

Creating a wiki in Notion is much easier than learning how to create a traditional web page. It also means that editing is more accessible for your contributors.

It’s a great tool for building any kind of knowledge base, whether it’s for business, school, or just for fun. Plus, you don’t have to pay anything unless you want to take advantage of some of Notion’s pro features.

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