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How to Create a Cadet Branch

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In Cross Kings 3, ensuring the longevity of his dynasty until the end of the game is considered a success in itself. Fans will encounter many obstacles along the way that will threaten the very existence of their family. Preparing a large dynasty made up of several branches of cadets will take time, but there is nothing more satisfying than watching your dynasty grow exponentially.

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A dynasty can potentially be made up of several Houses, the most powerful of which acts as the Head of Dynasty. However, players do not need to be the leader of the dynasty to create a cadet branch. The process is relatively simple as long as players meet all the requirements.


How to Form a Cadet Branch

Players wishing to form a cadet branch from an existing dynasty will need to meet a few requirements first. Depending on the character a player chooses at the start of a game, this can sometimes be done immediately. Other times, players will have to be a bit patient before creating a cadet branch.

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The stipulations regarding who qualifies to form a Cadet Branch are as follows, courtesy of the CK3 Wiki:

  • Not the current Head of House
  • Must be an adult
  • Must have feudal or clan government
  • Not third or closest in succession to any of the Head of House’s current titles
  • No living ancestor belongs to current house
  • Not a bastard
  • Men must be married if they are of a female-dominated religion
  • Women must be married in a religion dominated by men
  • Married characters must be in a patrilineal (if male) or matrilineal (if female) marriage

It should also be noted that a cadet branch will be created if a member of the House refuses a request for religious conversion. If a character meets all of these requirements, a new Cadet Branch will be created. All children belonging to the aforementioned character will belong to the new House. Players can form a cadet branch by opening the The decisions tab, where they should see if they meet all the requirements.

The Benefits of a Cadet Branch

Being the head of house in your own cadet branch is better than being just another face on the dynasty family tree. A Head of House naturally has more influence and wields greater power over the other family members of his newly formed Cadet Branch.

There are several benefits to being a householder. First, heads of household can legitimize bastard childrenallowing players to increase their pool of viable heirs in the event that their real children died or weren’t sired in the first place.

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Heads of household too earn more Prestige each month and, more precious still, gain weak hooks on all newly born house members. Similarly, the player character’s former Head of House no longer has a weak hook on him either.

Finally, heads of household can call their House members to war for free and can demand religious conversions. Overall, forming a cadet branch is almost always beneficial to the player character in their quest for more land and titles.

Cross Kings 3 is currently available on PC, macOS, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Linux.

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