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How to bypass Twitter’s “See more Tweets from” and “See what’s happening” prompts

When you browse Twitter in a web browser without being logged in, you will soon encounter obstacles because Twitter displays the “see more tweets from” and “see what’s happening” messages after a brief moment.

The type of prompt varies depending on whether you’re browsing through tweets or individual conversations. The “See more Tweets from” prompt appears when browsing a Twitter user or organization’s posts on Twitter, and the “See what’s happening” prompt appears when you open a tweet and read the responses.

twitter see what's going on

Interestingly enough, there doesn’t seem to be a prompt when browsing through a tag on Twitter.

The Twitter prompt asks you to sign in to an account or create one. While this might be a good option for some users, the lack of an option to browse Twitter without an account is an annoyance for others.


Nitter is a third-party instance of Twitter that you can open in any web browser. It is a privacy and speed optimized front end for Twitter that offers the following benefits:

  • Open source.
  • No ads or JavaScript.
  • Requests go through the Nitter backend, no direct contact between the client and Twitter.
  • Support for RSS feeds.

The main downside of using Nitter is that it relies on instances, and some of them may stop occasionally or permanently.

The Nitter Instances Uptime page lists the instances, and you can choose one that is active when browsing Twitter. Once you have opened the instance in your web browser of choice, you can start using to browse Twitter content.

twitter content

Use the search option to find content you’re interested in, or simply edit the instance URL by copying the Twitter URL over it (minus the part of course).

Firefox and Chrome users can check out the Nitter Redirect extension (Firefox, Chrome), which automatically redirects content from Twitter to Nitter. This can be useful for users who regularly land on Twitter, either from searches or from direct links posted on other sites.

You can browse individual Twitter channels, tweets from Twitter users, browse tags, or view media content posted on Twitter. All content is delivered quickly and with respect for privacy.

Closing words

Nitter is a useful service ideal for users who don’t want to create or log into a Twitter account, but want to browse content posted on Twitter without being restricted. A drawback of Nitter is that there is no way to interact with the content other than reading and accessing it.

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How to Bypass Twitter

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How to bypass Twitter’s “See more Tweets from” and “See what’s happening” prompts

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Learn how to bypass Twitter’s prompts to log in or sign up when browsing the site without an account.


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