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How to Beat Salmon King Cohozuna – Splatoon 3 Wiki Guide

Salmon Run is Splatoon’s version of horde mode. Four brave contractors are employed by the mysterious MR. Grizz to hunt salmonids and earn golden eggs! Splatoon 3 introduces a rare Xtra Encounter with the fierce King Salmonid, Cohozuna. This Splatoon 3 page from IGN has everything you need to know to succeed against this monster. We also have a lot more information about Salmon Run, so be sure to check out the rest of our Salmon Run guide!

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Meet King Salmonid Xtra

How to Spawn a King Salmon

The King Salmoind Xrtra encounter is a rare and special event that can only be partially predicted by the “Salmometer” that appears while you wait in the Salmon Run lobby near the upper right corner of the screen (as shown in the picture above). If you keep accepting more jobs (playing more Salmon Run matches), then the Salmoneter will start increasing the Salmometer. If you keep playing with the same crew, it’s likely to increase even faster! Once fully filled, be ready to meet the king in your next match!

If you complete wave 3, you might end up having an Xtra encounter. Instead of leaving after successfully completing the third wave, an alarm will sound and the giant king will emerge from the water. You will need to kill the king within 100 seconds to succeed! If your team is eliminated or time is up, it’s over.

How to Defeat a King Salmon


When the Xtra Encounter begins, your specials will be replenished. However, neither your specials nor your weapons will do much damage to the king. Luckily, Mr. Grizz has outfitted your team with a custom Egg Cannon! This will be the best way to damage Cohozuna!

The king does not appear alone; his horde of regular and boss salmonids will rush to the shore. Your weapons aren’t very good at damaging the king. Therefore, focus on clearing salmonid bosses first! Catch their golden eggs and throw them directly at the king to inflict serious damage!

What do you get for defeating a Salmon King?

If you defeat the king, Mr. Grizz will pay you a handsome bounty for your efforts. Additionally, you will earn special fish scales. These scales can be exchanged at Grizzco for new Salmon Run items and even new uniforms! Fish scales come in three different varieties: bronze, silver, and gold. The higher the difficulty you play on, the better the quality of the scales you will receive.

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