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How to Beat Godrick Boss Fight

Much like Souls games of the past, FromSoftware’s latest RPG features some of the toughest boss encounters ever. Although Godrick isn’t at the top of the pile in terms of difficulty, he can prove tricky considering he’s quite early in the game and probably the toughest enemy most players will have faced so far. That much. Here we are going to walk through a guide on how to beat godrick boss fight in elden ring.

How to Beat Godrick Boss Fight in Elden Ring

Godrick is a boss you really shouldn’t face until you’re at least level 20, if not level 25+. Sure, it’s possible to beat him even below level 20, but you’re really asking for a world of pain unless you’re very skilled in the game’s combat – and if that’s you, you don’t need of this guide!

For those struggling, here are some tips to get you through this boss fight:

  • Be at least level 25.
  • As always, make sure your quickslot isn’t cluttered with unnecessary items that you don’t need. You’ll want your crimson/cerulean tears close at hand.
  • Speaking of flasks, be sure to allocate appropriately before the encounter. Magic builds will want more FP etc.
  • Use a Spirit Summon immediately at the start of combat. Then be ready to dodge or protect yourself against his first attack.
  • If you are a magic building astrologer class, get the Meteorite Staff and Rock Sling spells, and just roll the attack repeatedly. Here is a guide on how to find these items.
  • You can run left or right and use the Ledger Slabs to interrupt some of Godrick’s attacks.
  • Learn the timing of Godrick’s attacks. He has very long windups that telegraph his attacks, and you can easily time a roll under him or towards him so that when he finishes the animation, you can deal big damage.
  • Don’t be greedy. Respect Godrick’s attacks and play slowly.

Godrick has two forms; Halfway through the fight, once you reduce his health to about half, he’ll transform into a second form that uses a dragon’s head to fire fire attacks at you. In this form, Godrick’s attacks are much more powerful, but his movement is a bit slower.

Godrick’s first form is trickier if you’re primarily using melee attacks like a Strength/Dex-type build, while his second form is trickier for casters with significantly less HP.

During his first phase, always stay away from his slam attack. His other swipe attacks can be easily slotted in, but the slam one is too dangerous to mess up – get out of there! It also has a spinning attack that launches a kind of whirlwind that is hard to avoid. Try rolling into it to avoid damage, or just pick up damage and prepare to heal quickly. Typically, though, for melee builds, you’re just looking to time his attacks with rolls and then strike after the animation ends. Spellcasters only have to keep distance and cast spells while away from his whirlwinds (which he’ll mostly use since you’re keeping your distance).

As mentioned earlier, the second form is actually quite easy to counter with a melee style. As soon as Godrick charges his first fire attack, run towards him and get in front of him with a few hits. You can cause quite a bit of damage here basically for free. If you’re a magic construct, back up and heal all damage you’ve taken, or you can run towards his attack and run past him to avoid damage.

Another attack to be wary of while in this second form is his dragon-grab, which he uses to grab you. The dragon’s head will roar before it does, so it’s a good sound cue to remind you to roll. Also, stay away from his ground blows and when he uses his close range fire attacks, roll to the side or into the attack to avoid damage.

Remember, play slow and don’t get too greedy trying to deal damage. Perhaps the only exception to this rule would be a spellcasting magic build, in which case your main goal is really just to spam your most powerful ranged spells.

I hope this guide has given you a good idea of how to beat godrick boss fight in elden ring. Be sure to search Twinfinite or check out our wiki guide for more tips, tricks and game info.

If you have a specific question that you can’t find answered on the site, please let us know in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to help.

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