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How the House of the Dragonstar Milly Alcock Relates to Rhaenyra

Milly Alcock, who plays Rhaenyra Targaryen on the show, Dragon House, is a 22-year-old Australian actress. She has undeniably become a fan favorite. After just three episodes, fans are already loving her portrayal and considering her a worthy predecessor to Daenerys. Recently, on House of the Dragon Official Podcast Episode 3, she shared a few ways she relates to her on-screen persona.

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How are Rhaenyra and Milly similar?

Although she and the character are worlds apart, Milly says she found her and Rhaenyra’s story is similar in their experiences so far. She shares how she didn’t think she would get such a big role. “We are both young women who have been propelled into very public positions that we never thought would happen,” said the actress.

She keeps, “Trying to navigate that space and learning when to speak when not to speak, trying to struggle with that idea, self-destructing because of that idea, and then eventually overcoming those kinds of thoughts and feelings and learning to play The Game of Thrones, you might say.”

Alcock also talks about what an angry child she was. She found the game cathartic in giving her characters some of that anger. “I didn’t know where to put all my feelings and emotions, so as I got older, I would give those feelings to the people I played,” the actress shares. “It’s really unhealthy therapy,” she is joking.

Additionally, we can see that Rhaenyra is also angry, “She’s just angry that nobody listens to her, nobody takes her seriously. She’s just used as a prop for everybody’s politics [motives]”, said Alcock. “It’s a chess piece, and it frustrates her.”

Milly Alcock was definitely the best choice to play Rhaenyra Targaryen. She brings subtle aspects of her personality into the character, making Rhaenyra much more approachable. A teenager, frustrated by the adults around her who don’t let her have a say in her life. What do you think of Milly’s portrayal of Rhaenyra? Let us know in the comments.

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