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How old is Scott at the start and end of Teen Wolf (and the movie)

Teen Wolf is coming back for a revival movie, but how old was Scott throughout the original Teen Wolf show, and how old will he be in the movie?

How old was Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) during Teen Wolforiginal race of, and how old will he be in the Teen Wolf revival movie on Paramount+? Despite Teen Wolf being an ensemble show, Scott McCall was its main protagonist, with his character arc developing throughout six seasons and 100 total episodes into a strong, ethical, and loyal pack leader and an Alpha werewolf. Scott and his friends were all still in high school during the show, growing and maturing alongside each other as they attempted to save their hometown from the supernatural threat that had invaded this season.


Though evil plagued Scott’s hometown of Beacon Hills with no end in sight, Scott was always determined to protect his friends and other innocent people, sometimes even at the cost of his own life. Scott’s character development throughout Teen Wolf was astronomical, as he went from a teenager who wanted to use his abilities to impress his lacrosse coach to one who knew the value of power and refused to hurt others just because he could.

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Such character transformation takes time. Naturally, many viewers wonder about Scott’s age. How old was Scott throughout his character’s development during Teen Wolfthe original six seasons, and how old will he be in the new Teen Wolf film?

How old is Scott McCall when Teen Wolf begins?

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in Teen Wolf season 1

Teen Wolf begins in the middle of Scott’s sophomore year of high school, at the start of the spring semester. Scott’s birthday is established as September 16, 1994 by an officially authorized person Teen Wolf calendar. However, a Teen Wolf social media game called “The Hunt” had it listed as October 6. Although he has two different “official” birthdays, that doesn’t change the fact that Scott is 16 during Teen Wolf first season, as spring semesters for California high schools typically begin in January, and the show’s first episode was the same year the show first aired – namely 2011.

How old is Scott McCall at the end of Teen Wolf?

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in Teen Wolf season 6

The sixth and final season of Teen Wolf was split into two parts. Season 6A sees Scott, Stiles, and Lydia return to school for their final semester as seniors, with the final episode of 6A showing the three friends finishing their last day of high school. This would make Scott turn 18 during the events of Season 6A. Season 6B of Teen Wolf takes place during the summer directly after high school. Teen WolfStiles (Dylan O’Brien) has started working as an intern for the FBI, while Scott and Lydia (Holland Roden) prepare for college. Scott, at this point, will still be 18, regardless of which of his two birthdates is considered canon.

The show’s epilogue, however, appears to take place a few years after last summer in Beacon Hills, with Scott and most of his pack having moved to Los Angeles while rescuing a young werewolf named Alec from a group of hunters. It is unknown how far in the future this epilogue will take place, although a Teen Wolf timeline (via Teen Wolf Wiki) lists it as occurring in 2015. That would make Scott 20 or 21 at the time, depending on the month.

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How old will Scott McCall be in the movie Teen Wolf?

Photo from the movie Teen Wolf

New details have emerged on the Teen Wolf revival during SDCC 2022, and an interview with creator Jeff Davis sheds light on Scott’s age in the film. According to Davis, the film will have a bigger time jump than some fans anticipate. In Davis’ own words: “I can tell you it’s a time jump, so we actually see an older Scott McCall. Scott McCall is now older than Tyler Posey” (Going through Weekly entertainment). Considering Tyler Posey is 30 right now, Jeff Davis wasn’t lying when he said it was a big time jump from the show. At the very least, a dozen years will have passed.

It will be interesting to see how Scott has changed over time and how the terrifying events of Beacon Hills throughout Teen Wolf during his adolescence will have marked him in adulthood. The lives of Scott’s friends will also have changed radically. With many beloved cast members returning and a synopsis that promises even deadlier foes than any Scott and his friends have faced before, the Teen Wolf movie revival promises to be one to look forward to.

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