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How long does Stray last? – IGN

Stray, the new adventure game from BlueTwelve Studio, is now available on PS4, PS5 and PC. If you’re a PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscriber, you’ll receive Stray at no additional cost as part of your subscription, and with the potential for many gamers embarking on this cat-tastic journey, we know you might be wondering : How long does Stray last?

With that in mind, we have four members of the IGN team who have already beaten Stray on hand paw to offer how long Stray took them to beat. We have the views of those who simply tried to beat Stray’s main adventure, others who were 100% looking, and even others who got into speedrunning. Read on to find out how long Stray took us all to beat, and if you want more, be sure to read IGN’s Stray review and check out our Stray IGN wiki guide if you’re playing. And for a more detailed breakdown of how long Stray took players to beat, and to submit your own time, be sure to check out Stray’s How Long To Beat page.

Tom Marks, Reviewer and Associate Reviews Editor

It took me almost exactly five hours to complete Stray, with a style of play that I would describe as thorough but not obsessive. I got the majority of his collectible secrets, only missed a few of the hidden “souvenirs”, and completed all of the side tasks for his citizen bots that I managed to find. I definitely took my time enjoying some silly cat moments here and there too (including a few naps) so I wouldn’t say I was rushing through anything, but it probably wouldn’t take me longer. an hour or more to find everything else I missed.

Jonathon Dornbush, Senior Features Writer

My Stray read lasted just under 5 hours, 4:57 to be exact. I’m done with all but three of Stray’s main collectibles, the keepsakes you collect as you go. And I’ve completed some, but not all, of the side quests that several friendly bots present to you. My collectible loot was due to a good chunk of time spent wandering around, because BlueTwelve has created such a lovely world to explore. I talked to every bot I could, scratched a lot, but rarely slept, so most of the time I’m actively playing to complete the adventure, rather than, say, making a one hour nap to get a trophy. But expect that time to be added to my game clock soon enough.

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