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“How I caught my friend twice with my sanitary napkin” says Halima Abubakar

Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has given some advice to her female gender on how to avoid being used for rituals.

Sharing a story, Halima Abubakar revealed how she twice grabbed an old friend of hers with her sanitary napkin.

Using her own story to advise the ladies, she told them to throw their towels in the pit or wash away the blood.

“I caught my old friend twice with my notepad. I know so much about being careful…we used wraps in the past. It’s mine, I’m washing my Biko blood now”

“Start washing your blood, off your towel, it looks dirty, but save lives. Or if you have a pit, good for you. Take care of your blood.”

Kemi Filani News is a reminder that Halima Abubakar shocked many when she revealed she had been bleeding for six months as a result of what friends did to her.

Halima Abubakar appreciated that God took the sadness out of her life.

She insinuated that her friends were using her clothes, hair, etc. as charms against her.

According to her, they wanted to kill her because of the men and the roles: “I was able to remove the sadness from my life. I bled for 6 months. Yes I did it. That’s why I thank God daily. Friends are cutting hair, clothes for evil and jazz. That’s in the past though. But I am in awe of God’s favor. Yes, it happened to me. So be careful. A smiling face is an evil being. They will kill you because of the roles and the men. Be careful there, people are mean. I’m happy to be in my lane. I pray for everything and more is done for your own families, as you have done too”.

Halima Abubakar’s shocking statement has sparked various reactions from fans on social media.

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