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How Funke Akindele allegedly coerced JJC Skillz into getting married

It’s a tough time for Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, as more Pandora’s boxes are opened about her marriage to former singer and TV producer, Abdulrasheed Bello, better known as JJC Skillz .

Controversial blogger Cutie Julls has now revealed how Funke Akindele allegedly snatched JJC Skillz from his many mistresses and camped in Nigeria as a husband.

According to the blogger, Funke Akindele went to the extreme in transferring JJC Skillz from overseas to Nigeria to be her husband.

The blogger alleged that before their marriage, JJC Skillz was still having affairs with his babymamas.

The blog post reads,

“Omo na so i hear entering cambawell o. Them day huge preek wey many women pay little little dey enjoy am, n him an aunty com out of nowhere, as the preek enter Wella she con husband the man Abeg them say that wella soft and huge particular preek so to keep me up as a woman you have to pay Sis con starts with work Hijack the huge stick for herself Don’t forget the preek was for everyone o especially immediate babymama. Sissy con snatch and even move so other women don’t see any cut. Now wahala make me go home first”.

“Ha! You can’t collect huge sugary African gbola from one person and respect long-term peace of mind. And for men, we believe they get huge gbola pass, so they will use dairy women, Nawa for una”.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Cutie Julls had revealed some issues regarding their marital status.

According to Instagram blogger, JJC Skillz, before joining Funke Akindele in Nigeria, initially understood that SceneOne’s production would be a family business with the duo as certified owners.

However, Funke Akindele never stopped acting and made it clear that she is the production owner of SceneOne and only allowed JJC Skillz to have a decent amount of money.

The source also revealed that apart from the SceneOne company, the couple also agreed to take private jobs, but Funke Akindele always made excuses why JJC Skillz should not take private jobs.

The blogger alleged that Funke Akindele rudely berated JJC Skillz even when third parties were at their house.

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