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How did Victor Weiss die? Winning Time co-creator says victim ‘stuffed in his trunk’ was real

The Victor Weiss Murder Is the Most Bizarre Incident Ever Featured on HBO Buying Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, must have raised a few eyebrows.

Victor Weiss was murdered in 1979 and his body was stuffed into his trunk after he met with Jerry Buss to finalize a deal for his friend and client Jerry Tarkanian. The deal would have brought the Las Vegas basketball coach to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Authorities believe the assassination was carried out by the mob.

According to the HBO show, the stunt was made in order to keep Tarkanian at UNLV. Commenting on the authenticity of the incident depicted on screen, writer and executive producer Max Borenstein said:

“Our rule was, for things that will make the public’s jaws drop and think, ‘Wait, that couldn’t have happened’ – those things had to be one hundred percent true and we followed that rule in the case of Vic Weiss.

How was Victor Weiss killed?

Victor Weiss attended the same high school as Tarkanian in Pasadena, California. They became great friends and he took over coaching negotiations as a side project. Victor also had some success in real estate and insurance before becoming a sports promoter.

Victor met with Jerry Buss and Jack Kent Cooke on June 14, 1979 to discuss Tarkarian being the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. He was last seen leaving the hotel in his Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills, California, where the conference took place that day. He was supposed to go out to dinner with his wife, Rose, but never showed up.

Victor’s automobile was discovered in a hotel parking lot in North Hollywood, California on June 17, 1979, after his wife reported him missing. He was found curled up and wrapped in a blanket in the trunk of the car. Her hands were tied behind her back and her body was deteriorating.

Victor Weiss’ identity was established using fingerprints after authorities found no other identification. No other clues or evidence were discovered in the car that could have led authorities to the killer. Victor was shot in the back of the head and another in the temple, indicating he was executed.

Authorities were initially puzzled because, while Victor’s wallet and briefcase were taken, his diamond ring and watch remained. As a result, theft was ruled out as a possible motive. To date, authorities have been unable to solve the murder.

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