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How did Stephen Wilhite die? GIF creator Cause of death? Dies at 74

GIF has become another indispensable element while using social media apps. Text chats are incomplete with these GIFs, they are considered one of the easiest and most effective ways to express feelings. Nowadays, almost everyone uses these GIFs and makes their chats more exciting and entertaining. But by using these GIFs, we have already wondered who created this incredible way of expressing ourselves. Well, for all the uninitiated, we would like to tell you that Stephen Wilhite is the person who came up with these magical GIFs. Get more information about Stephen Wilhite.

For all the uninitiated, GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format which has become very popular in this advanced world. However, the investor of this amazing creation named Stephen Wilhite has passed away. He died at 74 years of his age. The legendary scientist breathed his last on March 14, 2022 in Milford, Ohio, USA. This bad news has made the rounds of the Internet and all the admirers of the scientist pay him a vibrant tribute. All of his family members mourn his death. Information about his funeral is under review so far.

According to reports, Wilhite was admitted to hospital when he was last diagnosed with the dreaded virus. It was one of the hospitals located in Milford Ohio. The contagious disease was considered the main reason for his death. As we mentioned, no information is available about his funeral, nevertheless, according to the date of his death, it is expected that his funeral was celebrated by his family members and relatives. Some of the renowned computer scientists are expressing their grief over this terrible event through social media.

Wilhite’s full name is Stephen E. Wilhite was born on March 3, 1948 in the United States. He was an American computer scientist working for CompuServe designated as the team’s head of engineering when they were overwhelmed with creating the graphics interchange format. GIF became the de facto standard for 8-bit color images on the Internet until PNG became a viable alternative.

Well, now that we have lost Gem, our hearts go out to her family members and hope that God will provide the courage and strength to bear this huge loss. May the pure soul find its way to paradise. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.

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