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How did Obert Karombe die? Businessman Accident Video Footage Wiki Biography

One of the noted businessmen Obert Karombe recently is dead in a car accident and the man left everyone behind after succumbing to the accidents suffered during the accident. Now the name has become the talk of the town, how the well-known businessman died and what exactly happened to him at the time of his death. Social media has been inundated with hundreds of mourning wishes and residents of the city are expressing their grief by taking to their social media.

When it comes to talking about the Zimbabwean businessman’s death and who confirmed the news first. Thus, according to the sources, it was learned that the news of the death of Obert Karombe was confirmed by the controversial preacher, Panganai Java, who announced that one of his friends Obert Karombe had died in an accident with a truck. the army. Apparently, seven months earlier, the Java businessman had declared himself the last Zimbabwean mbinga in South Africa. Now you have to think that what Mbinga stands for, so according to local beliefs, Mbingas are people who reveal their sudden wealth acquired from criminal sources after indulging in satanic rituals.

According to the sources, the famous student-turned-wealthy businessman from Zimbabwe died after encountering a massive road accident where he collided with an army truck and then he was rushed to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead due to the horrific road accident. Java Obert, who was called a “mbinga”, had recently become engaged to a Kumbirai Ellen Bosha, affectionately known as the African Goddess. He is survived by his wife and 2 kids and apart from that some people say he also had a relationship with another girl.

Social media has been flooded with hundreds of condolences and people have been mourning his death since it became public knowledge. The footage of the accident may force you to think about how horrific the accident was. You can check the images of his wife on social networks. Our saddest condolences go out to his family and friends, may his soul rest in power. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest news updates from around the world.

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