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How did Neal Adams die? Iconic Comic Book Character Creator Cause of Death Wiki Biography Age

Popular American comic artist who created iconic comic book characters Neal Adams has died. Neal Adams was 80 years old when he breathed his last. Adam breathed his last Thursday in New York. News of the comic legend’s unfortunate demise has been confirmed by his daughter Zeea Adams and stepdaughter Saori Adams. Adam was often called the precious American diamond by the people and his fans.

Adam was associated with DC and Marvel in the 1960s and 1970s. He was popularized for drawing iconic characters like Batman, Superman, The Avengers, and the X-Men. Adam was the main creative mind behind the popular GreenLantern/GreenArrow series. This series was a huge hit in the early 1970s. This series talked about important issues such as drug addiction and racism, it was one of the biggest issues in America at that time. Although both of these issues are still big problems in America that need proper solutions. His approach to these issues was very clear and strong, he opposed these horrible issues, through his creativity. This series was one of the favorites of the public at that time.

According to some information, Adam was born on June 5, 1941. He studied arts at the School of Industrial Arts in New York. He started his career very young. He was only 21 when he started drawing for Casey’s comics. In 1967 he started working with DC. While working with DC Comics, he drew covers for popular war comics of the time and he also contributed stories to The Adventures of Jerry Lewis and The Famous Adventures of Bob Hope.

As soon as news of the popular American legend’s unfortunate passing broke around the world. People were shocked and saddened to know that their favorite comic legend has left the world. Netizens took to social media and posted their warm tributes and condolences to the legend. A lot of people in the present day grew up reading comics created by him which is why they all broke to know about the legend’s unfortunate demise. Many popular celebrities and public figures also came to pay their respects to Adam. His death is like the end of an era.

Currently, there is no information regarding Adam’s memorial or funeral ceremonies in the public domain. No statement on this has been released by Adam’s family.

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