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How did Jacky Chong Kai Wong do it? What Was His Cause Of Death Wiki Biography Bio

Reports of Jacky Chong Kai Wong’s disappearance are still surfacing on the internet as law enforcement continues to attempt to locate the missing man. The case came to the attention of the police department when the 24-year-old’s household went missing in June 2021. After the case was brought to law enforcement they began their investigation and after a year, the agents claim to have found the corpse of Chong Kai Wong alias Jacky. The facts are recently made public and everyone who is already aware of the case is immensely shocked. Learn more about Chong Kai Wong’s cause of death.

Police found Jacky’s body in the mid-hours of Sunday April 3, 2022. Police had located the missing boy and eventually discovered his body at a property in Killongbutta located 40 kilometers northwest of central Bathurst -west NSW. Officers sent the body for autopsy. However, the identification of the body has not been revealed so far. It is speculated that it could be Mr. Wong’s corpse.

The police department is facing this difficulty as the boy was reported missing a year ago. Law enforcement also assumes that Jacky was murdered. They also implore the forensic department to examine the body briefly and also carry out DNA tests. Police also arrested a total of three suspects as they uncovered a close murder connection to all three. However, the police are investigating the case and awaiting Jacky’s final autopsy reports. Although a list of things had to be cleared by the police as it was only a guess that it was Wong’s corpse.

In 2016 wong moved to Sydney but later on December 28, 2020 his family could not establish any contact with him. His family lived in the United States. The investigation team claims that Wong was killed under strange circumstances. They also raised the possibility of narcotics in the case. We’ll get back to you with more info by then, stay tuned to Social Telecast.

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