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How did Beverly Lynn Smith die? Prime Video documentary The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith explores murder

The murder of Beverly Lynn Smith is the subject of a new documentary, The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smithpremiering on Amazon Prime Friday, May 6, 2022.

The documentary film delves into the search for a killer and the search for truth in a four-decade mystery. Nathalie Bibeau, the director of the film, Tara Jan, Courtney Dobbins, Jonas Prupas and Catherine Legge produced the documentary. She noted that the story is personal to her in more ways than one, saying:

“I have a relative who is in prison because of this kind of injection. It’s not related to this case but, when the story came to me, I immediately hooked for this reason because I understood the stakes and the hyperbole and the theatrical nature of this kind of undercover operation.

It remains one of the coldest cases in Canada, and it’s still an intriguing account of one of Durham Region’s longest unsolved homicides. While most of the details of the investigation are being kept under wraps, let’s get into all the details of what happened to Beverly Lynn Smith.

How was Beverly Lynn Smith killed?

In one week, delve into the mystery and unravel the decades-long controversial investigation behind the murder of a young mother. The four-part documentary series The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith premieres May 6 on Prime Video.

Beverly Lynn Smith was vibrant, loving, and a beacon of light and hope wherever she went. The 22-year-old mother was a conventional American “Girl Next Door” and shared a home in Raglan, Oshawa, with her husband, Doug Smith, and their 10-month-old daughter, Rebecca.

Beverly, an old soul, had a knack for cracking the perfect prank with her twin sister Barbra, and she loved antiques and couture so much she even made her wedding dress. That was until the most unthinkable of tragedies befell him.

On Monday December, Beverly Smith was shot and killed in her family home in the hamlet of Raglan, north of Oshawa. December 9, 1974. She was shot in the head, which almost made it look like an execution. In 2014, a Cobourg man named Alan Smith was arrested and tried for his murder.

In 1974, Beverly Lynn Smith was murdered in her home. The decades-long investigation, controversial police sting and arrest have raised more questions and left one unanswered: who is responsible? The unsolved murder of Beverly Lynn Smith arrives in a month on Prime Video.

Since the night of the murder nearly 50 years ago, Alan Smith has been a crucial figure in the investigation. Smith became a significant person of interest as he was Beverly Lynn Smith’s neighbor and was the subject of a controversial police investigation after a polygraph test raised suspicion.

Smith made headlines when he was apprehended for the crime more than 30 years later. The charges were dropped in an unexpected twist, only to be reinstated months later. Smith has maintained his innocence through all the twists and turns of the case thus far.

He has now sued the Durham Regional Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police and York Regional Police for their role in his detention. In addition, he is suing three Crown attorneys. The investigation is still ongoing.

Don’t forget to catch The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smithwhich will premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday, May 6, 2022 at 00:00 GMT.

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