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“How dare Adam McKay do that to such a class act?…He’s still the logo”

LA Lakers legend Jerry West is one of the most iconic figures in NBA history. Throughout his time on the hardwood, West was known as one of the best players basketball has ever seen.

Even after the legendary star retired from the game, West transitioned into a new role within the LA Lakers front office.

Since then, West has held several positions in the teams’ front offices. In each of those stops, West had an impressive resume to make those teams contenders.

There’s no denying that the legendary personality has had a contagious impact on the game. West is even known as “The Logo” due to his impact on the league.

Ever since the release of the popular HBO show “Winning Time,” which focuses on the LA Lakers “Showtime” dynasty of the 1980s, fans have been shocked by West’s portrayal.

One of the most surprised people was Jerry West himself, who spoke out about HBO’s portrayal of himself.

Analyst Skip Bayless then gave his take on the situation and called out director Adam McKay for what he did to a “class act” like West. Bayless said:

“How dare you, Adam McKay, do this to such a class act as Jerry West. I mean, he’s still the logo.

“We can discuss if I like Kobe…yes I wish Kobe was the logo, many years ago I thought Michael should have been the logo but Jerry West to this day is still the logo and you did this to him.”

Jerry West remains upset about HBO’s ‘Winning Time’

Actor Jason Clarke as West in
Actor Jason Clarke as West in HBO’s ‘Winning Time.’

HBO’s documentary “Winning Time” has been thrilling fans with every passing week. One of the most popular topics of conversation has been the portrayal of West, played by famed Hollywood actor Jason Clarke.

Throughout the series, Clarke has portrayed West as an angry individual who has difficulty controlling his emotions. Many basketball personalities have spoken strong words about the show, saying West’s portrayal couldn’t be more incorrect.

Are the Showtime Lakers the best team of all time? 🤔

The Hall of Famer was always known as a low-key, extremely professional individual and someone who was held in high regard by his colleagues. West previously threatened to sue HBO due to the impact it was having on his public image.

Since then, the series has publicly stated that it will not make any changes due to the fact that all storylines in the series have been “dramatized”.

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