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House of The Dragon Showrunners Explain How Rhaenyra Develops in Episode 2

game of thrones prequel Dragon House is finally here! The show’s second episode aired earlier this week, and it’s every bit as dark, powerful, visceral, disturbing and breathtaking to watch, just as George RR Martin prophesied. One of the series’ main characters, Rhaenyra Targaryen, played by Milly Alcock, goes through a lot in the most recent episode. This will certainly affect the upcoming storyline, as the show’s cast and crew hint in a new behind-the-scenes video from Episode 2.

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Here’s what the cast and crew had to say about Rhaenyra’s transformation in the episode:

Miguel Sapochnik: It seemed very important from the start that she be engaged, involved and interested in royal politics.

Ryan Condal: It’s a long road and it’s a long learning process and you don’t get it all at once.

Greg Yaitanes: The events of episode 2 domino in everything that will happen from there.

Sapotchnik: We’re talking about 6 months since Aemma’s death. We wanted to capture the idea that Rhaenyra, despite becoming the heiress, continued to be the cupbearer with no real change in her life.

Milly Alcock: Everyone is mad at her, and they question her and put her down. So it’s a bit confusing I think. She feels very small.

Condale: She still has to study at her father’s feet. And that doesn’t mean she suddenly has a voice on the Council, and I think that’s all really important to the gradual evolution of Rhaenyra’s character.

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