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Hitman Fans Barely Realize Agent 47’s Age

When playing any of IO Interactive’s Hitman stealth games, perhaps the last question most gamers have would be how old is our dear protagonist Agent 47. The genetically engineered clone is the best assassin in the world. world (in the Hitman universe, that is), and that’s probably all you really need to know.

Take a look at Agent 47’s latest outing in the video below.

But how many years are contained in this wrinkled forehead? Reddit user Mr_OOF_Head took to the r/HiTMAN subreddit to find out exactly that: “So exactly how old is Agent 47?” they asked. The answer was always there, but it turned out to be quite surprising for some fans.

“According to the wiki, it [was] born on September 5, 1964, which means he is 57,” Kodekingen replied. Plus, yes, that means it will be his birthday in just two weeks, which will bring him closer to 58.

Some fans wonder if that makes sense, and you can’t really blame them. I mean, even from the looks of it, the guy barely has a wrinkle on him, and that’s not to mention his abilities – he’s not exactly screaming “guy who’s about to get a free bus pass”, right? “Ah yes, a 57-year-old man, capable of silently assassinating an entire outpost full of highly trained soldiers, just with [two] silent silver cannons,” shadowMinecraftGamer asked.

Others think the officer’s slightly older age makes perfect sense: “He definitely runs like a man in his late 60s,” BlackDante commented. “Don’t forget his issues with ladders and low steps,” Sunkinthesand added.

Either way, his age doesn’t match his agent number, and for that reason, I’m eternally disappointed.

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