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Hamilton report: cybervandals tamper with James Hamilton Wiki page

Cybervandals edited the wikipedia entry on the man charged with deciding whether Nicola Sturgeon broke ministerial code to say he was a member of the SNP.

Hours after the release of James Hamilton’s report on whether the Prime Minister failed to meet Ministerial standards, the brief entry on Mr. Hamilton’s career was altered to say he was a former member of his political party.

The change has since been corrected, but not before some on social media started quoting it.

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The lawyer, a former director of public prosecutions in Ireland, cleared Ms Sturgeon of all allegations that she violated the code, saying in her report: ‘I am of the opinion that the Prime Minister did not violate the provisions of the ministerial code in respect of one or other of these questions. ”

The edited article

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is created and maintained by volunteer editors, and revisions can be made by any member.

This has led the site to be prone to vandalism – such as when an image of a cockroach was substituted for the image of Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan.


Ms Sturgeon was cleared by the report

Mr. Hamilton is a qualified lawyer. He was first appointed Independent Adviser to the Scottish Government’s Code of Ministers in 2013 by former Prime Minister Alex Salmond, and then reappointed by Ms Sturgeon in 2015. He is not a member of the SNP.

Ahead of her inquiry into whether Ms Sturgeon had broken the ministerial code, the Welsh government asked her in 2017 to investigate whether her prime minister, Carwyn Jones, had lied to the Welsh Assembly about allegations of bullying within of the government.

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Mr. Hamilton cleared Mr. Jones of breaking ministerial code and said his account to the Assembly was “correct and truthful, not misleading”.

He was also responsible for advising the Irish government on legal issues raised during the negotiations which led to the conclusion of the Northern Ireland Agreement in 1998.

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