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Football quiz: can you name the footballer after his Wikipedia page?

There is no loyalty in football these days.

The idea of ​​a one-man club is dying.

Even players who have spent their entire careers at a club often get a swansong in the last few years of their careers on new pastures.

Even Lionel Messi, who appeared to be a club’s ultimate man, couldn’t spend his entire career at Barcelona.

But some players are much less loyal than Messi.

Signing for a new club can be lucrative for a player. If you’re wanted, you’ll likely get a good registration fee on top of your salary. It is also in an agent’s interest to evolve the players so that they also get a good juicy trade payout. Therefore, it is probably not a surprise to see transfers taking place much more regularly than before.

But do you remember each club that certain players played for?


Lucky for us, the wonders of Wikipedia detail every move in a player’s career.

We’ve spent hours browsing Wikipedia over the years saying “Oh yeah, I completely forgot they were playing for them.” Fortunately, this game they spent on loan in a distant foreign country is accounted for by Wikipedia.

But how do you remember career paths?

Well, we’ve decided to put your knowledge to the ultimate test. We found 15 players on Wikipedia and captured their careers.

Can you name the player of the clubs he played for?

Some are relatively easy. Some are pretty tough.

But do you know your professional career well?

Here is the scoring system:

  • 1-3: Embarrassing effort
  • 4-7: You are not an expert
  • 8-11: Well done
  • 12-14: You know your stuff
  • 15/15: You are either a cheater or a genius

Let us know how you fared in the Facebook comments section after completing the quiz.

And we’ll give you a little hint. The stadium in the background of each question relates to the club where the player has played in their career. That’s if you can identify the stadium …

So, without further ado, let’s see if you are a soccer con artist or a soccer genius.

Quiz: can you name the footballer based on his Wikipedia page?

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