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Father Ted creator Graham Linehan says he was canceled by Twitter for saying ‘men aren’t women’

Twitter says Mr Linehan was permanently suspended more than two years ago for ‘repeated violations of rules against hateful behavior and manipulation of the platform’

Graham Linehan thinks he was canceled from Twitter for saying “men are not women”.

The social media site says the Father Ted creator was permanently suspended more than two years ago for “repeated violations of our rules against hateful behavior and platform manipulation.”

But speaking to GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr Linehan insisted he ‘never misinterpreted anyone’ while announcing its cancellation.

Mr Linehan said: ‘I would say I was canceled before Twitter, the Guardian ran a story about me speaking out as someone who was basically using their trans identity to scam people.

Graham Linehan speaking to Dan Wootton tonight

Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan

“They used that to say I was harassing people online.

“Twitter then ran around with this image with me being amplified everywhere by loads of twitter users and banned me without telling me why.

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“They told the press it was because I was supposedly abusing the platform.

“But I had a number of rules to make sure I always followed Twitter’s terms and conditions.”

The creator of Father Ted and The IT Crowd, once a darling of the liberal left, went on to defend his case.

He added: “I have never mistreated anyone.

“I always tried to play by their rules. Just like Megan Murphy in Canada, you just get banned for random reasons.

“And the last tweet I tweeted, so I guess that was why, just said ‘men aren’t women. “”

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